Apple Vision Pro Availability Date Revealed

The much-hyped Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset finally has an availability date, set to hit store shelves on February 2, 2024.

Apple recently announced the availability date for its competitor to the Meta Quest VR headset, the Vision Pro. The device will arrive at an Apple Store near you on Friday, February 2, 2024. For the pajama-clad digital shoppers, pre-orders for the headset begin Friday, January 19, 2024, at 5:00 a.m. PST.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, it’s the only spatial computer that’ll turn your workday into a sci-fi movie. It doesn’t just blend digital content, including Spatial Audio, with the physical word. This baby lets you control your digital world only with your eyes, hands, and voice. Imagine telling your computer to open an app with a stern look.

Apple Unveils  Availability Dates for Its Vision Pro Headset

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the availability, ushering in “the era of spatial computing.” It’s almost like he said, “Welcome to the future, folks!” And he’s not messing around.

This headset sounds like what would happen if an iPhone 15 Pro Max and a magic wand had a tech baby. You’ll connect, create, and explore in ways you never thought possible. Of course, this bleeding-edge technology doesn’t come cheap. The Vision Pro headset retails at USD $3,499 with 256GB of storage.

Under the Hood, the Revolutionary visionOS

Woman Wearing Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset (Image credit: Apple)

Enter visionOS, the brainchild of Apple’s finest software developers. It’s like macOS, iOS, and iPadOS had a baby and gave it 3D glasses. Control everything with a blink, a wave, or just by chatting. Collaborate on whiteboards with Mac, iPad, or iPhone users with the full-featured Freeform app. Want to type something? Just talk to it or air-type (like you’re playing an invisible piano).

With Environments, you can virtually hang out in several gorgeous national parks or walk on the moon’s surface, all without leaving your room. Just a twist of the Digital Crown, and you decide how “there” you want to be. Beam me up, Apple!

Enjoy Out-of-this-World Experiences

The Vision Pro turns your app juggling into a 3D circus. Apps float around you like friendly ghosts, ready to be sized and organized to your heart’s content. And thanks to the 1 million apps on the new App Store, you’ll never run out of digital playthings.

For the productivity nuts, it’s like having an infinite canvas. Imagine multitasking in a space where your apps float beside you. And for the entertainment junkies, get ready for a viewing experience that’s better than a 4K TV for each eye. It’s like having your own private IMAX theater.

Game lovers, rejoice! Play your favorites on a screen as big as your imagination. Plus, new spatial games will turn your living room into an arcade.

Memory Lane, Revisited

Relive your favorite moments with spatial photos and videos. It’s like time travel for your memories. Think of Vision Pro as a DeLorean for your digital memories. On the move? Snap up some spatial videos with your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, and then dive into them on your Vision Pro like you’re stepping into your own life’s movie.

The best part? You can see all your memories in life-size glory, bursting with vibrant colors and jaw-dropping details. The panoramic shots wrap around you, making you feel like you’re right back in that particular moment.

With FaceTime on the Vision Pro, you’ll feel like your friends are right there with you, life-sized and with spatial audio. It’s like they’re in the room but without eating your snacks.

Design Genius Behind the Headset

Apple Vision Pro Digital Crown

Apple has brought its Digital Crown to a new device, the Vision Pro (Image credit: Apple)

Apple’s crammed a ton of tech into a sleek package. It’s customizable for your comfort and even has prescription inserts for the four-eyed among us. With its micro-OLED tech, this headset packs a punch, tracking your eye movements and connecting you with the real world.

Your privacy takes a step into the future, too. You can say goodbye to passwords and let Vision Pro gaze into your eyes, and you’re in. And don’t worry, it keeps your side-eye glances to itself.

Apple has even brought its own brand of accessibility to the 3D world. Everyone’s invited to the party with features that let you interact in the way that suits you best — eyes, hands, voice, you name it.

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