Apple TV Comes to Chromecast with Google TV

Google announced today that the Apple TV app is now available for Chromecast with Google TV and is coming to other Google TV devices soon.

Google announced today that the Apple TV app is available on Chromecast with Google TV. The company also announced that it will be coming to other Google TV devices soon. This brings movies and TV shows you have purchased from iTunes to your Google TV. Of course, it gives you access to original Apple content from Apple TV Plus.

Apple TV on Google TV

The new Apple TV app for Google TV does everything as you’d expect. From playing your library of content purchased from Apple to access to the Apple TV Plus streaming service. Apple TV Plus includes original programs like The Morning Show, For All Mankind, and Ted Lasso. And movies like Greyhound starring Tom Hanks and Palmer starring Justin Timberlake.

In the announcement, Google exec Jonathan Zepp writes:

Starting today, the Apple TV app, including Apple TV+, is now globally available on the new Chromecast with Google TV, with more Google TV devices to come. To access the Apple TV app, navigate to the Apps tab or the apps row in the For you tab.

With Google TV in the U.S., you can browse Apple Originals in your personalized recommendations and search results. And with Google Assistant, you can also use your voice to ask Google to open the Apple TV app or play an Apple Original title. If you aren’t ready to watch right away, you can add Apple Originals to your Watchlist for later. These features will roll out globally in the coming months.

The Apple TV app experience is similar to owning an actual Apple TV. But without the expensive price tag of the device. The Apple TV app for Roku and Fire TV has been around since last year. It provides yet another way to watch Apple TV Plus without an Apple Device. The app is available now for the Chromecast with Google TV which launched last year. Looking ahead, the Apple TV app will also be coming to Google TVs from Sony and TCL and will roll out to more Android TV-powered devices in the coming months.

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