How to Get Better Content Recommendations on Google TV

One of the features of Google TV is to show you recommendations it thinks you’ll be interested in. With a few steps, you can improve the content recommended to you.

The Chromecast with Google TV is different than the traditional Chromecast dongle that requires a phone to control and stream content to. Google TV powers the new device and it’s now much like a Roku or Fire TV. In that, it has its own OS and remote control, and user interface. Part of that interface is a feature where Google TV recommends movies and TV shows that it thinks will pique your interest.

It uses your past viewing behaviors and the services you are subscribed to and makes the recommendations. But it’s not perfect and you’ll want to tweak it to show better results. Here’s how to improve the results you get for recommendations on Google TV.

Get Better Movie and Show Recommendations on Google TV

To get started head to the “For You” section at the top of the home screen.

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the tab and select “Get Better Recommendations” from the list.

Now you can go through and toggle on the services from the list. Turn on the ones you want to get results from.

Add Content to Watchlist

Another way to improve the content recommendations is to add shows to your watchlist. To add something to your watchlist, highlight a movie or TV show and hold down the Select button on the remote.

That will bring up a menu where you want to select “Add to Watchlist.”

In the same menu are options for “Watched It,” “Dislike,” and “Like.” Select these options to help finetune your Google TV recommendations.

The more you like, dislike TV shows and movies Google TV will learn and it will help get better recommendations. It can learn by you not doing anything. But by going through a few extra steps you can “teach” Google TV. That will help get the best recommendations possible. And if you want an improved home screen experience check out how to rearrange app icons on Google TV.

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