Amazon Adds Vinyl for its CD ‘AutoRip’ Purchases

AutoRip from Amazon for vinyl records and CDs

Do you buy vinyl records or physical audio CDs? Amazon just added quite a b it of incentive to purchase either through its website.

Do you prefer to have physical copies of your music? At groovyPost we have a few in-house vinyl record enthusiasts, and this week Amazon made an announcement that resulted in plenty of excitement. From now on, a good majority of Amazon’s music will automatically come with the digital MP3 version (via Amazon cloud player) whenever the physical copy is purchased. What’s better, this applies to past purchases as well – all the way back to 1998.


AutoRip is a great offer for three reasons.

  1. You don’t have to manually rip your music anymore since Amazon provides top-quality MP3 copies of it.
  2. Vinyl records and Audio CDs sometimes lag behind MP3  album releases by up to a month. AutoRip lets you listen to the music while you wait for the physical media to show up. (thanks Brian Burgess for this tip)
  3. The MP3s are stored on Amazon’s cloud service, not hogging up your hard drive space.

Note that this AutoRip program doesn’t apply to all of the music available on Amazon. But, with over 5,357 vinyl records and 39,210 audio cd’s participating – chances are most of your music will be eligible.

When purchasing a record just look for the >> icon under the Buy button. There should also be an AutoRip overlay on the album cover. There is nothing extra to do, just buy the album and it will be automatically added to your account in MP3 format.

AutoRip availble for this vinyl album

If you want to only browse AutoRip eligible albums, these two links below should help out!

Overall AutoRip is just a bonus incentive to lure more potential vinyl and cd purchasers to choose Amazon as their vendor. Unfortunately, the service is only available on the U.S. variant of Amazon (the .com domain). So if you try to purchase through or any other local flavor it won’t be eligible. This also means that Amazon is forced (by copyright holders) to block access to parts of its service depending on what country amazon detects your IP address to be originating from. There are workarounds for this however.

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