Get $5 Credit via Facebook

Amazon occasionally just gives things away. This time around its a $5 off promotion for orders exceeding $25.


If you’re quick enough to jump on Amazon this weekend you can snag $5 of free credit for any purchase over $25. Amazon is running a Back to School promotion that will add promotional credit to your account in exchange for linking to Facebook and sending out a message. As with all other apps, this grants Amazon access to the majority of the information on your Facebook account. But if you’re like me, you can just use a fake Facebook account and the privacy intrusion doesn’t matter.

Click here to grab your $5 of $25 promotional credit.

The promotion is exclusively valid on any items sold and shipped by, which unfortunately doesn’t include Amazon Warehouse deals or any third party sellers. This deal expires August 22, 2013, meaning that you have to use it or you’ll lose it after this upcoming Thursday.


If you don’t like the idea of tracking you on Facebook, you can go into your Facebook account after the fact and click Account Settings >> Apps >> and then clicking the little “x” icon on the Amazon app. Have your cake and eat it too!  ;)


Here’s that link again. Enjoy!

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