Access Windows Home Server Multimedia from Xbox 360

Windows Home Server (WHS) lets you stream media and access data from other computers over your home network. You can access WHS content from an Xbox 360 as well. Here’s how.

First, open the Windows Home Server Console and set up Media Library Sharing. Click Settings then Media Sharing. Select the media types (Music, Photos and Videos) you want to share. Click OK.

WHS Sharing

Next, power on your Xbox Console and verify it’s connected to your network. Wireless or Ethernet will work, but for best performance I recommend you plug in the Ethernet cable.

Network Connected

From the main menu, select My Video Apps.

Xbox Main Menu

Then scroll over and select Video Player.

Xbox Video Player

A list of the computers on your network will be listed. Select your WHS – mine is called Geekserver: 1

Xbox Select Server

Next you’ll be able to browse the media library folders you shared from the server.

Media Library Folders

Then drill down to the video you want to watch.

Select Video

Enjoy the show from WHS through the Xbox 360. You can use your Xbox controller or Xbox 360 remote to control playback.

Xbox Watch Xfiles

To listen to music, go into the Music Player app.


Just like with getting video from your WHS, you navigate through your Music Library folders to find the Artist, Song or Album you want to play.

Xbox Playing Music

If you have a large HDTV and want to show off your family photos, you can do that too. Just make sure you’re sharing the Photos Library folder on WHS. Then open the Picture Viewer app.

picture Viewer

Then navigate to the directory with the photos you want to show off. Then you can play a slide show shuffle, rotate images and move to the next one in your folder.

Xbox View Photos

If you have a lot of multimedia on your Windows Home Server, being able to access it via your Xbox 360 Console in the living room is a nice feature.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Malmo

    February 17, 2012 at 3:59 am

    I have been dreaming of having my own home server. Video streaming and backup are main functions I like to set up.

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