WeTransfer Now Has an Android App

WeTransfer is a great service for transferring large files between computers easily, and now there’s a mobile version for Android. Here’s how it works.

WeTransfer now has an Android app and it’s just as straightforward and easy to use as the web service which we discussed at length here.

WeTransfer is a great service for transferring large files; it’s fast and extremely easy to use. However, I always hopped there’d be a version for Android so I could use it while on the go. Why? Well, because in the upcoming era of 4K video, the files my phone is capturing tend to be quite large and I’m facing a problem sharing them.

Well, that problem is gone, since WeTransfer has launched an Android app  as well as the other mobile platform — iPhone. Here’s how it works.

WeTransfer for Android

Fire up WeTransfer for Android and it will show a list of your photos and videos.

WeTransfer Android main

Choose the files you want to transfer by simply tapping them.

WeTransfer Android select

Then, start typing the email address of the friend you want to send the files to. Your Android address book will be used for suggestions, in order to make things faster.

When you’re done, just tap the Transfer button the top right side.

WeTransfer Android to

All that’s left to do is to wait for the files to be uploaded. The amount of time it takes will vary depending on your internet connection speed.

WeTransfer Android uploading (2)

When it’s all done, you will be told and your friend will get an email with a link where they can download the files.

WeTransfer Android complete

What if you want to transfer other files using the app? You can do that, since WeTransfer becomes part of your phone’s share menu. Just go to your file and try to share it as you would on, say, Dropbox and choose WeTransfe instead.

WeTransfer Android share

The WeTransfer app will most certainly be very useful to many people, as its easy to use and it gets the job done.

The following screenshot is the iOS version which is currently only available for the iPhone. The app works virtually the same on both platforms.

wetransfer iPhone




  1. AlanG  

    Says not yet compatible with LG G3.

  2. Raghu  

    It is not easy to transfer large files with standard methods. Binfer can transfer large files quite easily. It does require the senders computer to stay online.

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