How to Watch Free Live TV on Roku

Your Roku device isn’t just for watching over-the-top streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. It also offers thousands of different channels you can download. Of those, some include live TV that you can watch for free. And the best part is the channels below all offer a cable TV-like viewing grid for browsing. Here’s a look at how to watch free ad-supported live TV on Roku.

The Roku Channel

In addition to offering free on-demand movies and TV shows, The Roku Channel also offers a Live TV Channel Guide. Powered by Xumo, the Roku Channel offers over 100 different channels for viewing. It includes channels like OAN, Cheddar, Weather Nation, MTV, Buzzr, and many more. It also provides a live cable TV grid of channels that provides a real cable TV-like experience.

the roku channel

Pluto TV

Pluto TV has an expansive list of free ad-supported channels to choose from. It includes channels like Tastemade, MTV, and CNN. It also has a number of on-demand movies starring stars like Nicolas Cage, Danny Dyer, Patrick Swayze, and more. It has a cable TV-like interface for seeing what’s on or coming up and switching between channels. In addition to live TV, Pluto also offers free on-demand movies in a variety of genres.


Xumo TV

Xumo powers the Roku Channel but you can get it as a stand-alone channel on Roku if you want. It provides over 190 different channels to choose from. It includes channels like Funny or Die, History, CBSN, and TMZ. Similar to Pluto TV, it provides a cable TV-like guide for seeing what’s on, coming up, and switching between channels.

Xumo TV


You might think of Plex as a home media server, but it’s so much more. And it includes free live TV that includes more than 80 channels. It includes channels like Tastemade, Fubo Sports, Reuters, and AFV. Like Pluto TV and Xumo it provides a cable TV-like grid interface for seeing what’s on and changing channels. In addition to the live TV, it also offers thousands of free movies and TV shows in categories from Oscar award-winning movies to cult classics to anime and documentaries.

plex live tv free

Many of these services offer the same channels and what you can’t find on one you will find on another. Whether you’re looking for kids programming, a documentary, or some cooking show activities, you’ll find it on one of these Roku channels. Each one provides a real cable TV-like experience with a grid of channels. With the sheer volume of channels available you’re bound to find something to watch on your Roku device.

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