How to Turn the Flashlight On or Off on iPhone

Need to light up your surroundings? You don’t need a flashlight, because your iPhone has one built-in. Here’s how to use it.

Since I started to carry a phone in my pocket, I can’t even remember the last time I bought a flashlight (or a camera, for that matter…) Although the strength of the flashlight or torch (for our UK readers) on an iPhone or Android will never be as good as a purpose-built flashlight, overall, they get the job done in most scenarios.

Since this article is specific to an iPhone, the easiest way to turn on the flashlight is just to ask Siri to do it: “Hey Siri, turn on the flashlight.” However, depending on what you have going on (movie theatre, quiet bedroom, sneaking into the house not wanting your parents to wake up etc..), here are three other more quiet ways to turn it on.

If you have an iPhone, you’ve always got access to a light source. Let’s take a look at how to turn the flashlight on or off on an iPhone.

How to Turn iPhone Flashlight Off or On (iPhone X and Newer)

If you have a relatively recent iPhone (e.g., an iPhone X or above), you can turn your iPhone’s flashlight on or off using the following steps:

  1. Press and briefly hold the Flashlight button on your iPhone’s Lock Screen until you feel haptic feedback.flashlight button iphone lock screen
  2. While the flashlight is enabled, you’ll see a white circle around the icon—point it where you need some light.flashlight on iPhone
  3. To turn it off on the Lock Screen, tap and briefly hold the flashlight icon until you feel haptic feedback.
  4. This will switch the flashlight off—the circle around the icon will disappear.turn the flashlight on or off on iPhone

It’s also worth noting that you can hear a sound notification when you turn it on or off if you listen closely.

Accessing your flashlight from the Lock Screen is essential in emergencies, especially when you’re in a situation where you don’t have an actual flashlight and only your phone.

How to Turn on the iPhone Flashlight using the Action Button

Starting with the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the Action Button can be configured to quickly turn the Flashlight on or off. Here’s how to configure it.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Type Action into the search box and Tap Action Button.
  3. Swipe Right until Flashlight is selected.turn on flashlight using the iphone action button
  4. Simply press and hold the Action Button to turn the Flashlight on and off.

How to Use the iPhone Flashlight from Control Center

Accessing your iPhone’s flashlight from the Lock Screen is simple for emergencies; you can turn it on or off from the Control Center. You’ll have additional control over the flashlight’s brightness through the Control Center, too.

To access the iPhone flashlight from the Control Center:

  1. Unlock your iPhone
  2. Tap the top-right corner of the iPhone screen (battery icon) with a single finger and swipe control center iPhone
  3. When Control Center opens, find the Flashlight icon and tap it.iPhone flashlight control center
  4. To control the brightness of the flashlight, long-press the flashlight icon until you feel haptic feedback. Swipe up to increase the brightness or down to lower it.Control iphone brightness

How to Turn on the iPhone Flashlight using the Back Tap feature

Perhaps one of my favorite tricks is turning on the Flashlight quickly and easily using the Back Tap feature on the iPhone. My iPhone is configured to open the flashlight with a Double Tap and my Camera with a Triple Tap.

  1. To configure your Back Tap settings, head over to Settings > Accessibility > Touch.iphone configure accessibility touch feature
  2. Scroll down and tap the Back Tap menu
  3. apple back top settingsNow, add the flashlight either under the Double Tap or Triple Tap option.

One great thing about the iPhone Back Tap is that your phone doesn’t even need to be unlocked for it to work.

How to Turn iPhone Flashlight Off or On (iPhone 9 and Older)

Older iPhones with a Home button (such as the iPhone 9 and older) have a flashlight feature. Accessing it is slightly different, however.

To turn the iPhone flashlight on or off with an iPhone 9 or older device:

  1. Swipe up on the home screen to bring up Control Center.
  2. Tap the Flashlight icon to turn it on and again to turn it off.turn the flashlight on or off on iphone
  3. Long-press the Flashlight icon, and it will bring up the screen where you can swipe up to increase the brightness or swipe down to decrease it.Turn the Flashlight On or Off on iPhone - configure camera strength

How to Add Flashlight to Control Center on iPhone

Can’t see the flashlight in the Control Center? You may need to add it manually.

To add the flashlight to the Control Center menu:

  1. Open Settings and tap on Control Center.Turn the Flashlight On or Off on iPhone - settings, control center
  2. On the following screen, find Flashlight from the More Controls section and move it to the Included Controls section of Control Center. You can also arrange where the flashlight icon appears in Control Center.control center

Feedback? Questions?

That’s the best way to turn on the flashlight or torch, as the Brits call it. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below. Thanks!



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