Transfer Pics and Video to Windows 10 from Mobile with Photos Companion

This Microsoft Garage project for Android and iOS makes it easy to transfer photos from your phone directly to the Windows 10 Photos app.

When it comes to transferring photos from your phone to your PC, you can always plug your phone directly into your computer. Of course, there are other ways to do it like using an automatic backup to OneDrive or Google Photos. But Microsoft has created an interesting new app called Photos Companion that is available for both Android and iOS. It allows you to transfer photos and videos on your phone over Wi-Fi directly into the Windows 10 Photos app.

Transfer Photos from iOS or Android to Windows 10 with Photos Companion

To get things started, download the Photos Companion app to your Android or iPhone. For this article, I’m using the Android version, but it’s virtually the same experience on iOS. Then, you need to enable the ability to import photos over Wi-Fi to your Windows 10 system. Launch the Photos app, open the Options menu, and choose Settings.

Then scroll down and turn on the option to test the mobile import over Wi-Fi feature.

Restart the Photos app and select the Import button in the upper-right corner and click the option to import photos of Wi-Fi.

That will open a screen with a QR Code that you need to scan with your Android or iOS device using the Photos Companion app.

Now, on your phone, launch the Photos Companion app and tap the Send Photos button. A scanner will open up in the app that you can use to scan the QR code shown on your PC screen.

Once you scan the code, select the pics and videos you want to transfer over to your PC and tap Done. The files transfer over quickly and you’ll get a message letting you know it finished.

Then you will find them in your Pictures folder in a folder named “Imported from Photos Companion” where you can manage and edit them from your PC.

imported from photos companion

Summing Up

Since this app is a Microsoft Garage project — experimental technologies that Microsoft tests out, it could be changed or removed without notice. Hopefully, this sticks around in some form, though. Each time you have new photos or videos, you will need to open the Photos app and scan the QR code to start the transfer. It would be nice to see an easier and more intuitive way just tap a button and send the photos over. Still, it’s a great idea and it has worked out fine and is worth giving a try.

How do you usually transfer your photos from your phone to the PC? Let us know in the comment section below, or for more discussion, head to our Windows 10 Forums.



  1. Abed Zantout  

    Would this work with a Desktop PC (Win 10) that DOES NOT have Wifi or does it require a laptop (Win 10) that DOES have Wifi.
    Also, does the app need to be installed on both the PC and the Android phone or only on the phone?
    Thanks and have a nice day.

  2. Both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. NO your PC doesn’t need to have Wi-Fi, just plugged into the same router.

  3. arrow  

    It is actually ” Phone Companion” at the Microsoft Windows Store

    • Dave  

      No. This is different. Phone Companion never made it to iOS anyway. Try it. The Windows part of the setup for iPhone involves texting a link to your phone. That link takes you to the Microsoft Edge page on the App store, even if you have Edge already. If you try to instead paste the link into Edge, you get a page with a Download App button, which, if tapped, takes you right back to the Edge page on the App Store. So, while the Windows-side setup offers a path for setting up for iPhone, there is no corresponding app in the App Store, so you end up in a loop.

      Also, Photos Companion is already retired. It was just an experiment. The development team collected whatever data it felt it needed and then pulled the app from the App Store on June 3. Hopefully it will return at some point.

      From the official Photos Companion page:

      “UPDATE: As of June 3, Photos Companion has shifted to an Experiment Complete state and will no longer be supported. Thank you to our users who tried the project! Your feedback will fuel the next steps for this team.”

  4. Evangelina Florez  

    I prefer tto use Windows Live Photo Gallery. With this feature you can plug your phone into your laptop, search for photos & videos and import. This feature also allows for you to connect with a picture developer provider and order prints online.

  5. Paul Horbury  

    I like it but wished to transfer my entire collection of Photos from mr iPhone Camera Roll (700 +) but could fimd no way of selecting all.. Can anyone help?

  6. jack189  


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