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How To Secure Your LinkedIn Account with Two-Step Verification

Two-Step verification is an essential additional security measure for any online account you have valuable information stored. Since LinkedIn is one of the essential networks for professionals worldwide, making it more secure can only be a good thing. Here’s how to add two-step verification to your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn’s two-factor authentication is easy to put in place, only requiring a few simple steps. Before we get to those steps, though, know that we have two-factor authentication for a number of services and I strongly suggest you use it on any service it’s offered.

Here are some of those guides:

Two-Factor Authentication on LinkedIn

Now that you know how to make accounts on other services more secure, let’s enable the feature for LinkedIn.

Start by logging in to your LinkedIn account. Then, hover your mouse over your profile picture thumbnail, on the top right side of your screen. Find Privacy & Settings and click Manage.

Linkedin privacy manage

Now, in the page that will be shown, click the Privacy tab.

Linkedin privacy tab



Scroll all the way down to Security. You’ll notice that the feature is turned off, so click the Change button.

Linkedin privacy turn on two-step verification

You will be shown the dialog below, in which you will be able to Turn on the feature. You will also be asked to confirm your LinkedIn password.

Linkedin privacy turn on two-step verification turn on

In the next step, you’ll verify the phone number in your account, as you’ll get a text message with a code to enter.

Linkedin privacy turn on two-step verification confirm

Once you’ve entered the code, you will shortly get an email confirmation for the feature being turned on.

Once you’ve entered the code, the status of the feature should change to On, as seen below. You can turn the feature off from here in the future, should you need to do so.

Linkedin privacy turn on two-step verification oon

From now on, every time you sign in to LinkedIn on a new device, LinkedIn will ask you for a code (which you will promptly receive via SMS). You can set LinkedIn to recognize the device in the future, if you’re using it all the time. For example, on your home computer or on your laptop, you won’t want to enter a code every time you log in to LinkedIn.

Linkedin privacy turn on two-step verification signing in

While it’s not the easiest, right now two-factor authentication is the best way to secure your online accounts. Hopefully, something easier becomes the standard sooner than later. Just keep in mind that convenience is the enemy of security.

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