Reset the iPhone or iPad Home Screen Icons and Folders

Do you have an iPhone or iPad that’s unorganized with a bunch of apps and folders? Take control of it by resetting the Home Screen icons and folders and start over.

Do you have an iPhone or iPad that’s unorganized with a bunch of apps and folders? Some of the apps you use and some you don’t and often times you just end up searching for what you need anyway. If you want to take charge of your device’s Home Screen and start over, here’s how it’s done.

While doing the TechGroove Podcast the other night, our host Josh brought up this groovy tip!

Reset Home Screen on iOS

On your iDevice running iOS 4.3 or higher, go to Settings > General scroll down to the bottom and tap Reset. On the next screen tap Reset Home Screen Layout.

General Reset Reset Home Screen Layout

Verify you want to do it and tap Reset Home Screen. It just takes a moment, and your Home Screen will be reset to the factory default layout.

Verify ResetNormal HomeScreen

If you scroll over to the next screen, you’ll notice that apps which were in folders no longer are, and you can start arranging your apps and folders from scratch.

Tip: If you have a lot of apps that are on different screens and need to move into folders, check out this article on how to do it the easy way.

Second Screen All Apps Out of FoldersMove Apps to Folders

After you have everything exactly how you like it. A good idea is to back it up to your Mac or PC via iTunes. That way if everything gets jumbled up again, you can easily restore it.

Backup iOS iTunes

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