How to Post Multiple Photos to Instagram

How to Post Multiple Photos to Instagram - Hero

When you’ve got a bunch of pictures to share, you may want to put them in a single carousel post. Here’s how to post multiple photos to Instagram.

If you’ve got the basics down for Instagram, you might be wondering if there’s a way to include multiple photos in a single post. You may already know it’s possible because you’ve seen others do it. But you’re at a loss to figure out how you can post multiple photos on Instagram in the same post. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Let me show you how it’s done.

Understanding the Carousel Post on Instagram

Picture this: Posting multiple photos on Instagram is like opening a mini photo album for your followers. You’re not just sharing a snapshot; you’re unleashing a whole carousel — like a merry-go-round of memories! It may not be as fancy as a Reel, but it’s still fun.

When you upload a carousel, the first photo is like the cover of a book. It shows up in your followers’ feeds with these little teaser dots at the bottom, whispering, “Psst, there’s more!” People can swipe right (no, not that kind of swipe right) to embark on a visual adventure through your other photos.

Now, let’s talk strategy. Imagine you’re back from a Caribbean cruise, sun-kissed and relaxed, while your friends are back home, battling snowstorms and chipping ice off their cars. You’ve got a ton of photos, and you’re tempted to flood their feeds with sunsets and sandy beaches. But wait! Here’s where the carousel comes to the rescue.

Instead of going full spam mode with a barrage of posts (and potentially getting unfollowed or muted by your snow-shoveling friends), you bundle all those sunny, beachy, “wish-you-were-here” photos into one neat, considerate carousel post. It’s like saying, “Here’s my awesome vacation in a nutshell, but I promise not to rub it in… too much.”

Grouping your photos not only saves you from being “that person” who overposts but also lets you weave a story. Maybe start with that shot of you leaving in your winter coat, then progress through the cruise fun, and end with a sunset that makes everyone forget it’s below zero back home.

Let’s dive into the magical world of Instagram carousels, where every swipe is a new chapter.

How to Include Multiple Photos in Your Instagram Post

  1. From the Instagram app, tap the + button to start a new post.
    Tap plus button
  2. Below the selected photo, on the right, tap the icon with two frames nested together. This is the carousel button and it’s right beside the Instagram camera icon.
    Tap carousel button
  3. Next, select the photos you want to include. Instagram allows you to post up to 10 photos in one carousel post. Once you’ve selected the photos you want in your carousel, tap Next.
    Choose photos to include
  4. You can choose a filter to apply to all of your photos. Pick the one you want to use, or none at all, and tap Next.
    Select a filter
  5. Now, you can write a caption for your post, add a poll, and tag people or products. There are other options to choose from. Once you’ve got your carousel post the way you want it, tap the blue Share button.
    Set info for post

That’s all there is to it. Your photos are now shared with the world in a fancy carousel post rather than spamming them to your followers one at a time.

Making the Most of the Instagram Carousel

Imagine Instagram carousels as your own personal mini-movie theater, but instead of popcorn, you’ve got likes and comments. Here’s why they’re the unsung heroes of Instagram:

  • Epic Storytelling: With multiple photos, you’re not just posting a picture; you’re directing a blockbuster! Whether it’s the saga of your cat’s day-long nap or the thrilling chronicle of your sock-matching adventure, each image adds a chapter to your gripping tale.
  • Variety Show Extravaganza: Got a bunch of photos that are kind of related but not really? Carousel to the rescue! Showcase your culinary experiments (aka kitchen disasters) or different angles of your latest sculpture (that slightly resembles a lumpy potato) without bombarding your followers with a zillion posts.
  • Engagement Galore: Carousel posts are like a mini treasure hunt. Followers swipe through your photos, finding surprises at each turn. Will they spot the hidden gnome in your garden photoshoot? The suspense is real!
  • Aesthetic Symphony: For those who treat their feed like a meticulous art gallery, carousels are your secret weapon. Share a burst of content without making your feed look like a jumbled jigsaw puzzle.
  • Spam-Avoidance Superpower: Instead of flooding everyone’s feed with your 27-part saga of “A Day in the Life of My Left Shoe,” bundle it up in a neat carousel package. Your followers will thank you for not turning their feed into a shoe documentary.
  • The Magnifying Glass Effect: Sometimes, the devil (or the angel) is in the details. Carousels let you zoom in on the important stuff. “See this photo of my dog? Now swipe to see the zoomed-in majesty of his drool.”
  • Master of Narratives: Control the story like a puppet master. Lead your audience through your gallery of gardening fails or your step-by-step guide to making a sandwich that defies gravity.

In short, Instagram carousels are your multipurpose Swiss Army knife for digital storytelling. They’re like having a mini film festival right in your pocket, except it’s free, and you can wear pajamas. Enjoy your scrolling adventure!

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