How to Fix the Instagram Camera Not Working

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When you want to capture special moments to share, and the camera doesn’t work, you need to fix the Instagram camera not working. Here’s how.

Using your phone’s camera is essential when using Instagram to post content. You can even use Instagram’s hidden high-quality video settings to prevent blurry photos and Reels on the platform. But sometimes you need to fix the Instagram camera not working.

There are various reasons why the camera on Instagram isn’t working, typically due to app settings. For example, you may need to clear the app cache, force quit the app, or follow other troubleshooting steps.

So, if you want to ensure you can use the camera on your device while using Instagram, we’ll show you some solutions to fix the problem.

Force Close Instagram and Restart

One problem you may encounter when trying to use the camera on Instagram is the app freezing up, so pressing the camera button won’t do anything. In this case, force closing and restarting the app can help as it removes the app from memory and gives it a fresh start.

To Force Close Instagram on Android

  1. Tap and hold the Instagram app icon on the home screen or search for it.
  2. Select the Information “i” icon from the menu that appears.Fix Instagram Camera Not Working
  3. Tap the Force stop icon on the Instagram App info screen.force stop instagram android

Force Close Instagram on iPhone

iPhone doesn’t have a force stop option for apps like Android, but you can still force quit the app and restart it.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view all open apps.
  2. Move apps to the left or right until you find Instagram.
  3. Swipe up on the Instagram app to the top of the screen until it disappears to close it.Fix Instagram Camera Not Working

Whether you are on iPhone or Android, once you close the Instagram app, relaunch it and see if the camera works.

Clear Instagram Cache

The app caches files that include login information, visited pages, search results, and other data to improve the app experience. But sometimes, the cache of temp files becomes too large or corrupt, affecting the camera’s functionality.

So, you can follow the steps to clear Instagram’s cache on Android or iPhone. Clearing the app’s cache on Android is straightforward. However, while the iPhone allows you to clear the cache of some apps, Instagram isn’t one of them. You will need to offload the app or uninstall Instagram and reinstall it. But for the best result, reinstall it from the App Store.

Clear cache on Instagram

Verify Instagram Camera Permissions

Instagram requires access to your camera on your phone to function. But if camera access was disabled for some reason, you’ll need to reactive its access. For example, if camera access isn’t enabled on your device, a message should appear letting you know.

no camera access instagram app

Provide Camera Access on Your iPhone

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.iphone settings
  2. Swipe down the screen and select Instagram.fix the instagram camera not working
  3. Toggle on the Camera switch to allow Instagram to access access instagram iphone

Allow Camera Access on Android

Enabling camera access on Android is straightforward through your phone’s settings.

  1. Tap and hold the Instagram icon on your home screen, or search for it and long-press it.
  2. Select the Information “i” icon on the menu that appears.instagram app info button
  3. Select Permissions from the App info menu.fix the instagram camera not working
  4. Tap the Camera option from the list of permissions android
  5. Select Ask every time or Allow only while using the app.allow camera permission android

Once camera access is enabled, relaunch Instagram and see if it works on your iPhone or Android device.

Update the Instagram App and Your Phone

The camera may not be working on Instagram due to a software bug, and you can remedy it by installing the latest updates for the app and your phone.

For more, check out how to update apps on your iPhone. Or, read our step-by-step guide on how to update apps on Android. Once you install the latest Instagram update, see if the camera works.

update instagram app iphone

While you’re doing updates, you should also update your phone for good measure. There could be a problem with the operating system that can cause an issue with the Instagram camera not working. Once you have the latest update for your phone, try using Instagram again and see if it works.

Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone can fix many issues you’re having with it. A restart removes apps from memory and dumps temp files that could be causing the camera not to work. If you need help, look at restarting an iPhone X or higher.

The process of restarting an iPhone is universal on modern iPhones. But restarting your Android phone varies between manufacturers. But a common way is to press the power and volume up buttons until the restart options appear on the screen.

Other phones have you only press the power button until the restart message appears. Or, you can press the power and volume down buttons on a Samsung Galaxy.

Restart Android device

Once you restart your phone, sign in and see if the camera on Instagram works.

Fix Instagram Camera Not Working

It’s frustrating when the camera isn’t working on Instagram, and you want to post something. It’s especially irksome when you have a perfect situation or photo you need to capture.

Luckily, you can resolve the problem quickly by using the troubleshooting steps outlined above to fix the Instagram camera not working. Begin by restarting the app, performing updates, and restarting your iPhone or Android device to get it working again.

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