How to Play Spotify on Discord

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Want to listen to music with your friends, but you want to chat while you do it? Discord is a good option, and this guide will show you how.

Discord is a popular chatting and video-sharing platform for gamers. While that is its primary use, Discord includes several other fun and exciting abilities. For example, you can create different communities for things like movies, football, ballet, pro wrestling — virtually anything you’re interested in.

Discord also includes excellent integration with other services, including YouTube, Reddit, and Spotify. Here we’ll take a look at the latter and show you how to play Spotify on Discord. So, if you are wondering if you can play Spotify through Discord, the answer is, yes.

We’ve shown you how to add friends to Spotify, and this method lets you share Spotify music with your friends on Discord.

How to Play Spotify on Discord

Note: To get the full benefits from this feature, you’ll need a Premium account. Free accounts will experience limitations, and ads, of course.

To play Spotify on Discord, you need to first go through a few basic steps.

Connect Spotify with Discord and Play Music

  1. Launch the Discord app on your desktop and click the Settings button in the lower-right to play spotify on discord
  2. From the menu that appears, click on Connections and choose Spotify from the list of options.Discord Connections
  3. You’ll be directed to a Spotify EULA page where you’ll need to accept the agreement – click the Agree Note that you’ll need to sign in to Spotify if you aren’t already.Agree Spotify EULA
  4. Now, you’ll get a notification screen letting you know both Spotify and Discord are connected.Connect Spotify and Discord
  5. Go back to the Discord app, and under the Connections section, find your connected Spotify account, and toggle on the Display on profile switch.Spotify Discord Settings
  6. Start playing a song in Spotify, click the + button in Discord, and choose the person you want to invite to listen to Spotify.invite friend on discord
  7. The invite screen will appear and show the song you’re listening to. Add a comment if you want and click the Send Invite button.Listen Along Invite Spotify Discord
  8. The invite is dynamic, so the songs will change while playing different music tracks or podcasts.dynamic invite

That’s all there is to it. You’ll see additional profile icons in the invite box as friends join the stream.

Using Spotify and Discord

When you use the method explained above, you can share music from Spotify with your friends on Discord. Plus, you can chat with them while the music is playing. However, you can’t hear the music while voice chatting; instead, you’ll need to type while listening along.

If you’re new to Discord, read our guide on getting started. After that, you’ll want to learn how to create your first Discord server.

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