Kindle Fire: Password Protect WiFi

One of the new features of the Kindle Fire 6.2.1 update is enabling Restrictions. Here’s how to password protect the WiFi connection on your Kindle Fire tablet.

Power on your Kindle Fire and tap the gear icon at the top of of the screen then tap the More button.

Kindle Fire Options

Next, on the Settings page tap Restrictions.
Kindle Fire Settings

Set Enable Restrictions to On.

Kindle Fire Enable Restrictions

Create a password by typing it in twice then tap Finish.

Kindle Fire Create Password

Next you’ll see that Restrictions and Password Protected WiFi are on.

Kindle Fire Restrictions

When WiFi is password protected, a key icon appears in the upper left corner of the screen.


Now if someone tries to use your Kindle Fire to view anything online, they will need to enter in the password you created first.


To turn on WiFi again, tap the gear icon then tap Wi-Fi. Type in the password and click OK.


This feature is good if you don’t want your young ones accessing Internet content. If you root your Kindle Fire you can use this to avoid those sneaky updates that remove root access.

Looking for more security options for the Kindle Fire? Check out our article on how to enable the Lock Screen password.



  1. chung

    l rooted my kindle fire
    useing it through wifi on
    but it makes my kindle wifi off without registered password
    later wifi on
    my kindle demand password
    i cann’t wifi on because i don’t know password

  2. Marilyn Phillips

    I have forgotten my pass wordin restricted wifi for my kindle fire.. How can I do a reset.

  3. jennifer

    im having the same issue with mine kindle fire. the wifi locked its self and i have no pass word to get one it. how can i reset it without having to reset the whole kindle fire?

  4. t

    i forgot my password and i cant remember it please tell me what it is like now please thank you

  5. Mary Legarreta

    I am trying to reset my password but on my kindle there is not a restriction setting. It shows as parental controls. How do I reset my wifi password.

  6. mary

    Please help I am trying to reset my wifi password but when I go to my setting there is no restriction setting, it has parental controls. How do I reset it.

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