HTC is Prepping for the New Android Tablets

This tablet business is starting to annoy me, to be quite honest. It has ruined the fun of waiting for announcements from big companies, since you already know that everybody’s going to announce a new tablet, provided they haven’t already done so. :)

The latest name to get on this rollercoaster is HTC (well, they were rumored to launch one for some time) and they will have three tablets to their name, the first one being called Flyer.

DigiTimes, quoting sources at handset component companies, reported there will be three HTC Android tablet models in the first half of this year, with the first one, called Flyer, released as early as March. It will be launched with mobile carriers, in order to beat competition – BlackBerry Playbook (slated for a March release) and Motorola Xoom April.

The device will run Android 2.3, but will be upgraded to 3.0 when it becomes available. The other two tablets will have Honeycomb running out of the box.

Now, I don’t know how many of you remember, but HTC had a tablet (of some sort) when all this tablet madness was not even predicted, way back in 2007. It was called the HTC Advantage X7500 and man, did it impress everyone at the time…

Speaking of Android, you should know that there’s a new Google Translate version out there, with some interesting features.

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