Security Alert: Smart Android Trojan Circulating!

New Android Virus emerges in chinaThis is something none of us expected so soon.  Even as Samsung is preparing an Android competitor for iPod Touch, a new Android Trojan has recently surfaced in China that could really do some serious damage to devices running Google’s mobile OS.

What makes this thing so special is the fact that a server can dictate what the Trojan does, meaning it’s quite sophisticated. The Trojan is in repackaged Android apps that look like legitimate ones. These apps have made their way onto a few Chinese third-party app stores.

The Trojan is called Gemini and (here is what you really wanted to know), it can seriously compromise personal data on Android devices. More specifically, when an application which contains it runs on the phone, the Trojan runs in the background and collects information.

This information can include location coordinates, device identifiers and it can download and tell the user to install an app or prompt him to install it. It can also send a list of installed apps to a server.  According to security company Lookout, this is the most complex Android malware they have seen yet.

So for the time being, steer clear of third party app stores and as always, never install apps from unknown sources that you don’t trust.  Personally I’m weary when just downloading from the Android Market, if an app requests too much access to my phone I simply won’t install it.



  1. Tig88

    The mobile platform is ripe for the compromise imop. Android, IPhone or simbian it really doesn’t matter.

    2011 will be the year the phones took over the planet! :)

    • Bogdan

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Still, I see Android playing the bigger part…

  2. Zaniel

    Is ther any av apps for the iPhone or android I can install? Would that help if it’s possible?

    • Bogdan

      An antivirus is always a good idea. For Android, I personally use AVG. It’s free and it doesn’t seem to have too much of a memory footprint. There’s also Lookout Mobile Security, the people that issued the warning above and a few more in the Android Market.
      I’m not aware of an antivirus app for the iPhone, I only know that AVG is working on one.

  3. Owen

    yes, now the aps come with anti virus…so we can prevent those virus attack on our mobilephone.

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