Join an Active Directory Windows Domain with Windows 7 or Vista [How-To]

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Although a little different from the Windows XP process, joining a Windows 7 or Windows Vista machine to a Windows AD Domain is pretty much the same, with just a few exceptions.  Let’s jump right into it!


1.   Click Windows Start Button, Right-Click Computer, Click Properties



2.   Click Change Settings then Click Change

Windows 7 or Vista System Screen   Windows Vista System Properties


3.   Click Domain Bullet then Type the name of your Windows Active Directory Domain you wish to join

Windows Vista Join an Active Directory AD Domain


4.   Type the Domain\Username and Password of the Account which has PERMISSIONS in the AD Domain to add your machine to the domain; Click OK when done

Windows 7 or Vista Join an Active Directory AD Domain


NOTE: Step 4 requires YOU to have the credentials (User/PW) to add machines to your AD Domain OR, your System Administrator (IT Guy/Geek) has staged your Workstation in AD along with your credentials which will allow you to add the machine to the domain.  Either way, unless you’re the IT dept., you will need to get your IT Dept. involved to complete Step 4.



If everything goes well and you have the right credentials, you should get a box Welcoming you to the AD Windows Domain followed by a prompt to Reboot for a change to take effect.

Windows Vista Join an Active Directory AD Domain Welcome Screen   Windows Vista Join an Active Directory AD Domain Confirmation to Restart Computer


Any issues, let me know in the !



  1. MrGroove

    November 30, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    Made a quick update in the post for Windows 7 as the process is pretty much the same for both. Any questions, drop a note here!

  2. abhishek

    October 7, 2011 at 4:16 am

    i have problem in adding some windows 7 machine to ad………..that it does not able to contact dns sever

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