Add Command Prompt Option to Explorer Context Menu

Windows XP :: groovyPost.comA few years back Microsoft released a Groovy little PowerToy which added the ability to quickly open a CMD window to a specific folder using the default Windows Explorer right-click context menus.  It’s called the “Open Command Window Here” or also known as the CMDhere tool.  It’s one of the first tools I install when I build a new box so I figured it would make a great little How To for all you Groovy Readers.  Just follow the step-by-step below, and you should be up and running in just a matter of minutes.


First, download the tool.  You can find it here.  Once downloaded, launch the CMDhere to install, and follow the step-by-step screen snips below:

CMDHere Powertoy 1 ::  CMDHere Powertoy 2 ::

CMDHere Powertoy 3 ::  CMDHere Powertoy 4 ::

CMDHere Powertoy 5 ::  CMDHere Powertoy 6 ::

After completing those steps, your Right Click Context Menu will look like this:

Right-Click Context Menu :: cmdHere

Very Groovy for your CMD line users out there!

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  1. TonyLe  

    Very cool. Didn’t know that even existed. Thanx dude.

  2. you can also do this from Tools –> folder options –> File types –> (None) Folders –> Advanced –> New. Give action name “command prompt” and action as “cmd.exe”

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