Change Your User Name On Windows 7 [How-To]

Groovy Windows 7 Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Fixes, Solutions, Tutorials, How-To, Updates, Downloads, News, And More Maybe you’ve become part of the witness protection program, and your real name cannot be seen by human eyes ever again. Or perhaps you’ve joined an evil organization and changed your name to No. 2.  Whatever the case, this groovy feature in Windows 7 will let you rename your account!


Just like with Windows XP and Vista, in Windows 7 you can still change your user account name.  However just like old Microsoft likes to do, they’ve changed around the user interface (UI) again and made it a little easier.

How To Change Your User Account Name In Windows 7

1. Click the Windows Start Menu Orb and Type in user accounts then Select the User Accounts link from the list.

access user accounts in windows 7

2. Under your account, Click Change your account name.

change your account name in windows 7

3. Type in a new name you would like to use from now on in Windows 7 and Click Change Name.

create a new account name for windows 7


Now you have a new username for your Windows 7 machine.  Keep in mind this will only change your username.  Your personal folders (My Docs, My Pictures, etc.) will retain the original name used for the account.  Keep an eye out for a future groovy article on how to fix that!

using a new account name with windows 7

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  1. Christal

    There is no change account name under make changes to user account. Trying to change name on my personal folder

  2. barb

    Hi, at the end you wrote: “Your personal folders (My Docs, My Pictures, etc..) will retain the original name used for the account. Keep an eye out for a future groovy article on how to fix that!” Did you ever write that article? Thanks, Barb

  3. Christal

    Still no change account name or way to alter this in windows 7….argh!

  4. Animis


    Well at least you are being helpful and specific about your problem… What’s going on?

  5. Rob

    Hey Mr Groovy! Looks like you are getting demand for a specific article:
    >Your personal folders (My Docs, My Pictures, etc..) will retain the original name
    >used for the account. Keep an eye out for a future groovy article on how to fix that!

    I too could use that “How To”. All other web sites say it can’t be done but your post alludes otherwise. Please create a post or set us straight.


  6. spk

    (browse by one clicking the arrow left to the folder until you get to Windows NT)

    start/ in search bar type regedit let it open, HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWSNT/CurrentVersion click on that folder and it should reveal stuff on the right there go down to RegisteredOwner right click on register owner and change at will

    • DA

      spk —> thanks it worked for me…

  7. Pandhu Sanjoto

    Thanks Groovy, everything your adivice very very usefull

  8. Sergio

    I recently buy a new note book with windows 7 home, I believe was used previusly because have a user name I cannot change. I go to control panel/users/change name, put my name, but the before user name prevales. Thanks for any help

    • MrGroove

      Ouch…. must have been a refurb. Did you buy it retail or on the internet or?

      • Christal

        We are not a refurb …no change user name option in control panel and we are stuck with the spelling errors the tech who set us up input. Still no resolution for us I take it.

  9. Gurpreet Bhagat

    Grate man

  10. abby

    What about Windows 7 Professional? There aren’t the same options.

  11. Brandon

    You can change the user name also by running (Start> Accessories> Run) and typing in “Control Userpasswords2” When the screen pops up (tested on Windows 7 by me) click on the user, press properties and change the name. Then restart your computer.

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