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How to Manage Multiple Email Accounts in Gmail

A lot of people have several email accounts. However, it’s annoying to check every email account one by one. If you use Gmail, you can easily manage multiple email accounts thanks to Multiple Accounts feature in Gmail Labs. If you want to enable the multiple accounts feature in Gmail, follow these steps. But before that, you have to import the address you want to manage.

Log in to your Gmail account and go to Mail Settings from Wheel menu.

Multiple Accounts Gmail 1

Select Labs from Mail settings.

Multiple Accounts Gmail 2

Now, locate Multiple Inboxes and enable it.

Multiple Accounts Gmail 3

Log out of your primary email account and log into your secondary account. Go to settings and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Multiple Accounts Gmail 5

Under Forwarding, add the address you want to forward the email to and click Next.

You’ll receive a verification email to confirm email ownership. After entering the verification code, select Forward Copy of Email to option. Don’t forget to keep the copy of email in you Gmail inbox for backup. Repeat the steps for all the email accounts you want to manage.

Now, log in to your main account and go to settings again. Under Forwarding, enable IMAP and go to Multiple Inboxes.

In search query, enter the email address you want to manage and give it a title. Click on Save Changes when done. You can also change the position of the mail panel from multiple inboxes as well.

Now, the new email inbox will appear in the Inbox as shown below. You can manage up to 5 email accounts in Gmail using Multiple Inboxes.

From now on, you don’t have to log in to multiple email accounts one by one to check your email.

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