Windows 10 Tip: Make Edge Browser (Legacy) Open to Multiple Web Pages

Windows 10 has a new browser called Microsoft Edge, and it’s clean, fast, and more intuitive than IE ever was. Here’s how to make it open to multiple sites.

Update: This article was written when Windows 10 first came out and included a proprietary version of Edge. Now Microsoft has a Chromium-based version of the browser included with Windows 10. For more on the new version of the browser check out how to make Edge open to specific pages on startup.

Old Original Article…

Windows 10 has a new browser called Microsoft Edge, and it’s clean, fast, and more intuitive than Internet Explorer ever was. The Edge browser isn’t totally complete yet – more features like adding plugins will be added in the coming months.

Still, it’s a refreshing change for Windows, and there are different settings you can tweak to make it work how you want. One thing it can do, like in other web browsers, is open to multiple home pages. Here’s how to set that up.

Open Edge Browser to Multiple Webpages

Launch Edge and click the More Actions button in the upper right corner. Then from the menu select Settings.

Edge Browser Settings

Scroll down a bit and find the Open with section and select A specific page or pages. Then click the dropdown menu and select Custom.

Then add the sites you want to have Edge open with…in this example, I added three different sites.

Add Sites

Now when you open Edge, each of the sites you added will open up in different tabs. The last site you add will be the one that is displayed when you first launch Edge.


That’s all there is to it. What are your thoughts on the Microsoft Edge browser so far? Let us know in the comment section below.



  1. RonM

    I don’t like the lack of extensions nor the fact that Microsoft pushes Bing as the search engine. Or maybe I do not like Bing because of the fact that Microsoft pushes it on me.

    • BBrown

      Likewise Microsoft/ Bing is worse than the federal government, no all governments federal, state, county, etc. etc. etc.

    • ScottG

      I agree Entirely. And I got upset when I heard it was a China based browser. I surely do not want China getting any more in formation than they already stole from me or any of us here on the World Wide Web.

      I agree entirely.

    • Scott GLendecko

      I agree with RonM.

  2. DWD

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Don

    How do I open multiple windows in edge? When I click edge and try and open a new window, it deletes the previous window. I typically have 10 or 20 windows open in explorer. Do I need to go back to explorer?

    • Karen

      I was trying to figure out the same thing. I used to just right click on the explorer icon and I could open it up over and over, but that doesn’t work with edge. Then I clicked on the three dots in the upper right corner ” . . .” which shows “more actions” and the drop down states “new window.” Click on “new window” and you should be able to open it up multiple times.

      • Susan

        Just installed W 10 and discovered I couldn’t open multiple windows. However, found this site and your tip about going to the 3 . . . and choosing more actions and then new window, worked for me. Sure was easier when just right clicking! Thanks for the tip!

    • Chris

      ctrl+N. Even works when the only window you have open us a pop up window so there are no 3 dots.

    • Gary

      Go to the top right corner you see 3 dots (more actions) click on that and at the top
      of the list click on New window. that’s it.

    • Ray

      To open a new window and keep the previous, right click on a favorite or favorite bar item and then click on “Open In New Tab”. This creates a new window but does not open it. You then can click on the new window. I still am looking for a way to open the new window all at once.

    • David

      I hate Edge, can only have one site open at a time. This is a major thing for me, I always use to listen to Pandora or Sirius when on line. I also hate having a program forced on me and not being able to choose my downloads. Yes I know therte are work around ways to solve, but do nopt have the savy to do it.

  4. SoonerArrow

    I love the new Edge browser however; when I use multiple virtual desktops and click on the Edge icon in the taskbar, it takes me to the original virtual desktop where Edge was initially launched. I would have though that with the introduction of virtual desktops, Microsoft would have allowed for multiple instances of Edge to ran without having to jump through the “Move Window” menu option when you are viewing all of your virtual desktops (WinKey+Tab).

    I haven’t found how to get around this. Has anyone else?

    • PammieWammie

      Try opening two tabs in Edge and then clicking on one of them to drag it away from the other tab. You will now have two separate Edge browsers. Next click on the virtual desktops icon and drag one of the Edge browsers to the other desktop. A bit of a faff but is a workaround until Microsoft fix it.

  5. Karen

    How do I go back more than one page on Edge?

  6. JRelyea

    Opening multiple Edge windows is not the same as opening multiple Edge browsers. Look at Task Manager- there’s only 1. MS built in a “single launch” limit… sucks too. I typically right click the task bar, click the app name and a 2nd executable (or at least a 2nd window with Office apps) are opened. That is sorely missed. I’ve started getting used to Chrome. IE is slow. Chrome & Edge are snappy for hitting web pages but there are too many steps to open up multiple Edge windows.

    That’s my 2 cents.

    • JRelyeaw

      About 2 weeks ago, MS released a new Edge browser (version 25.10586.0.0) and it launches multiple Edge windows now. I suspect it’s still a single executable that launches because when 1 crashes (often does) all of the windows close with it.

  7. RS

    I have found that Windows 10 makes many routine tasks more difficult than they were with some of the previous versions of Windows. It is less intuitive and actions that previously could be performed with one action now take multiple actions in order to accomplish them.

  8. BAMiller

    I’m sticking with Chrome . . . for now.

    Until such time I can right-click on an entire sub-folder of websites in my bookmark / favorites menu bar and choose “Open All Bookmarks”, which for me, in many instances, exceeds ~ 50 – 75 websites simultaneously without crashing the browser, then I’ll give Edge another look . . .

    Seems that Edge can only load multiple websites simultaneously during start-up by manually going into settings and adding URL’s one-by-one . . . ugh

    Or, am I missing something here?

  9. Chris Murphy

    Edge really sucks. You go to a site, then open a sub-site, like a specifications page and you can’t go back to the item without closing out everything and starting over from scratch. I’m going back to Chrome again. So dissatisfied with MSFT software.

  10. Jesse Jacobs

    Would ove the ability when I launch Edge for 3 windows (in my case) to open with certain tabs I setup. I tend to work with 3 open windows each with a different amount and set of tabs…I can set it to open all the tabs and then shift click and drag them to a new window but would be awesome if it just opened them in the new windows. Shoot take it a step further and have those windows go to the spots on my displays where I normally put and Id stop using all other browsers lol.

  11. George Carrard

    There is no “open with” in my Settings.

    • Johnny

      Same, the lack of info if someone doesnt have same screens, or message box, etc… from these “do this and it works” BS, pisses me off, its like they are looking at a completely different setup.

  12. BMS

    You can change it by going to this address: edge://settings/startHomeNTP

  13. Blake

    Directions were easy to follow, thanks for putting these instructions out here!

    God bless and peace.

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