How to Listen to a Podcast Offline

Want to listen to a podcast offline? You’ll to download the podcast ahead of time and use the right app for the job. This guide will explain how.

Podcasts are the perfect audio experience when you’re on-the-go. The only problem is the internet, because how can you stream to a podcast without a stable connection?

Podcasts can buffer, skip, or stop playing altogether in those situations. Luckily, most podcast apps on iPhone or Android offer the ability to download and listen to a podcast offline.

Having podcasts available for offline listening comes in handy if you travel a lot, go jogging, or you drive in areas with no data. If you’re unsure, here’s how to listen to a podcast offline.

How to Listen to a Podcast Offline on iPhone or iPad

To listen to a podcast offline on an iPhone or iPad, you need to download it first while connected to the internet.

To download a podcast on iPhone or iPad: 

  1. Launch the Podcasts app on your iPhone.launch podcasts app
  2. Find the podcast you want an episode from. You can browse categories, select from your library of shows, or search for a specific one.find podcast to download episodes
  3. After finding the podcast you want, scroll down and find the episode(s) you wish to download.
  4. Tap the three-dot icon next to the episode you want to three dot menu
  5. When the menu appears, tap the Download Episode listen to a podcast offline
  6. Wait while the episode downloads to your iPhone or iPad. The amount of time it takes will vary based on podcast length.
  7. Now, when you don’t have a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection, you can listen to your podcast(s) offline—tap the Play button next to the episode.listen to a podcast offline
  8. If you download several episodes, you can find them easier by tapping the Library button and tapping the Downloaded option.downloaded section listen to a podcast offline
  9. Your downloaded podcast episodes will be listed — tap the one you want to listen to.downloaded section listen to a podcast offline
  10. After listening to your podcast, you might want to delete it and save space on your device. Tap the three-dot icon and select Remove Download from the menu.Remove download listen to a podcast offline

How to Listen to a Podcast Offline on Android

The idea of listening to a podcast on Android is essentially the same. Find your podcast, download it on a solid data connection, and listen to it offline.

To download a podcast for offline listening on Android:

  1. Launch the Google Podcasts app on your phone or tablet.Launch Google Podcasts on Android
  2. Find the podcast episode you want to download and press the down arrow icon to download Google Podcasts
  3. You can also tap into the podcast for more info and tap the download button next to the podcast from podcast from info
  4. Wait as the podcast episode(s) download. The amount of time it takes will vary.
  5. After the shows download to your device, tap the Library button from the navigation bar at the bottom.library listen to a podcast offline
  6. Select Downloads from the menu—you can play the show while you’re offline.Download library listen to a podcast offline
  7. You’ll see the list of your downloaded podcast episodes.downloaded podcasts android
  8. To delete podcasts, tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner and choose the option to delete podcasts.remove downloaded podcasts Google Podcasts Android
  9. It’s important to note there’s a different green down arrow next to shows in the Downloads section. It’s a bit confusing, but that button will prompt you to remove a download.remove downloaded podcasts Google Podcasts Android

Listening to Podcasts Offline

If you want to listen to podcasts offline, the steps above will get the job done on your smartphone or tablet. Just make sure you download them ahead of time and you’ll be good to go. Whether you’re using an Android or Apple device, the official podcast apps we’ve mentioned allow you to listen to a podcast offline with ease.

It’s also worth noting that there are hundreds of third-party podcast apps available for iPhone and Android users. If you’re using a separate podcast app, the idea is the same, but the steps will vary.

Never listened to a podcast before? If you’re interested, check out how to get started with podcasts. And if you’re interested in getting into the podcasting craze yourself, read about starting a podcast on Spotify.

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