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  1. Didn’t work
    February 28, 2012

    You mentioned this will work with Kindle software on iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc. How about the same for Android? I use Kindle software on my Samsung G S2, and various computers. Can’t this work to simply upload to amazon cloud to be accessed by any device that has Kindle software?


    • Brian Burgess
      November 8, 2012

      yes it works for Android devices that are running the Kindle app.


  2. Paul
    February 29, 2012

    What if there are 3 Kindle devices on the wi-fi network? Both my wife and I have Kindle Fires, and she also has a Kindle reader. How do we indicate which device is the proper recipient? Thanks.


    • John
      March 19, 2012

      Paul, check the last screen shot on this page. In the “Deliver To:” dialog box you can select where you want to send it.


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