Keep Kids Safe Online with ‘Kids Mode’ on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Microsoft Edge and it includes a new feature called Kids Mode. It’s like parental controls for the browser. Here’s a look.

Microsoft has started rolling out version 90 this week to everyone. One of the new features included in the updated version of the browser is called “Kids Mode.” The idea behind the feature is to allow parents to provide a safer browsing environment for children. Here is a look at how to turn it on and use it.

Enable Kids Mode on Microsoft Edge

To turn on Kids Mode, launch the Edge browser on your desktop and click your profile icon at the top-right corner of the toolbar. Then click on Browse in Kids Mode from the menu.

turn on Kids Mode

That will bring up the following screen welcoming you to Kids Mode. Click the Get Started button.

Get Started Kids Mode Edge

Next, you will need to choose the appropriate age range for your child. You can choose from 5-8 years old which provides a simplified browsing experience and appropriate content. The other option is 9-12 years old that provides appropriate content and kid-friendly articles and news.

Note that both age ranges include kid-friendly themes, games, and privacy settings like Bing SafeSearch, and tracking prevention is set to Strict.

age range kids mode Edge

After you choose the appropriate age range, Edge will open up with a friendly theme, search bar, settings button, and links to sites like PBS Kids and NASA Kids Club. For the 9-12-year-old option, they will have access to a heavily filtered version of MSN News that’s curated for kids. They’ll also have access to very basic settings.

Kids Mode Edge

Kids can personalize their browsing experience with different themes. Click the Color and Backgrounds button at the top-right corner.

Colors and Background

Then choose from one of the available themes and click Done.

Available color and background theme

To exit Kids Mode, click the Kids Mode button at the top-right corner of the browser. Then click Exit Kids Mode Window. Then the parent will be required to enter their login credentials.

Exit Kids Mode

In fact, if the kid tries to go to an inappropriate site that’s not on the predefined list. Or if they try to change any settings like turning off Strict search filtering, for example, they’ll be met with a “Get permission” page.

Get permission to view site

The parent will then need to type in their login credentials to unlock it.

Parents PIN

Manage Kids Mode Settings

To manage Kids Mode as a parent, go to Settings > Family. There you can choose to always start Kids Mode in a selected age range or ask each time.

Kids Mode Family Settings

You can also manage the predefined list of 70 popular kid-appropriate sites. Click on Manage allowed sites in Kids Mode. That will bring up a list of approved and whitelisted sites. You can remove a site from the list or add one.

White List Kids Mode

Introduce Your Kids to the Web

Kids Mode provides bright and colorful fun themes and makes the child feel like they’re in control. It’s a great way to introduce your kid to the basics of using a browser. But without the worry of them accessing adult and other inappropriate content. As a parent, you won’t need to worry about the millions of bad actors lurking behind deceptive sites and malicious downloads.

For more on keeping kids safe with tech, check out how to use Microsoft Family Safety on Windows 10. To help protect your kids while streaming video, check out how to use parental controls on Disney Plus or learn how to use parental controls on Netflix.

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