How To Install Fonts in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a lot of fonts out-of-the-box. But you might want more free fonts. Here’s how to install them.

Update: Microsoft is no longer providing mainstream support for Windows 8.1. Here is what the company says:

Windows 8.1 reached the end of Mainstream Support on January 9, 2018, and will reach end of Extended Support on January 10, 2023. With the general availability of Windows 8.1, customers on Windows 8 had until January 12, 2016, to move to Windows 8.1 to remain supported.

Installing fonts in Windows 8 is easy. All you need is a file containing the font you want to install. These are often .ttf files. Make sure you have it someplace handy, like the desktop, before proceeding.

Install Fonts on Windows 8.1

From the Metro Interface, type the word fonts. You’ll get a few results under Settings – select Fonts.


Now locate your font file.


Drag the font file into the Fonts folder.


Done! This was more difficult in earlier versions of Windows, but here it’s a breeze. If you receive a message about the font already being installed, it means one of two things – you already have that font installed, or you have another version of that font installed. In either case, it’s best to back off and see what’s really going on with your fonts before you overwrite what is already installed.




  1. ArtofSoul Photography

    I have located the fonts folder and am trying to just drag and drop the ttf file, but nothing happens… no moving status bar… and when I check to see if the new font is there, it’s not… any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

    • Ramsha Khan

      try unzipping or extracting your new font folder and then try doing the copy paste thing as told in the article

      • Denise

        I had the same things happen. If you open the the ttf file, on the top is an install button. Click that and it installs it for you! Even easier!

        • Vadim

          open font and click instal

        • Diane

          Thank you Denise, after trying the drop and drag, extract, etc etc etc, the open the tiff file and Install was the only thing that worked!!

  2. cr7

    sorry and how you set then?
    I would change the character written to the icons on the desktop
    how do I?

  3. Mr.G

    False, right clic on your font, open, and Install.

    • Peretz34

      Thanks for the easy ‘Install’ tip – saved tech-illiterate mummy a lot of sweat and swearing!

  4. Shannon Martin

    Thanks for the quick guide! Worked perfectly :D

  5. AzAnna

    What is the “Metro Interface”???!

    • Dena

      The Metro Interface is the main tiled screen that Windows 8 starts with. If you start typing on the keyboard, it will bring up a list of installed items that start with those letters. That comes in handy, since it’s very hard to find things when you’re new to Windows 8.

  6. Dena

    Thank you for this post.

    Question: I was able to drag-drop into the Fonts folder without trouble. I see that it does not need to be installed (the option is greyed). But, I cannot get it to show up in my font options in a Word doc that’s already open. Do I need to restart the computer Re-open my doc?

    I appreciate your help!

  7. Dena

    I answered my own question – maybe this will help someone else.

    I just restarted my computer and it is now showing up.

  8. dbp

    An even easier way to install fonts is to just open the folder that contains the fonts you want to install (for example: on a USB drive or CD), click on the font file(s), right click, then select Install.

  9. Pop-Pop

    It was still a breeze. Beats the Devil out of previous versions.

  10. sindid

    Thank you sooooooo much! I work in a print shop, but decided to do a side project. You just helped me make one little birthday girl SUPER happy to have her name in a custom font! Thank you again!

  11. Halim Ngah

    Windows 8: If the ttf font file is in a compressed zip file, no need to unzip or extract. Just open (double click) the zip file, then open (double click) the ttf file and click the Install button at the top…

  12. nope

    From the “Metro Interface” when I start typing “Fonts” absolutely nothing comes up.

  13. Sherri

    I tried installing a font, and it is a true type font file, but it says it is “not a valid” font.?
    what gives?

    • Kim

      I’m having the same problem. “not a valid font” is coming up. I do not have an install button ANYWHERE. I’ve tried the drag and drop, but getting the “not a valid font” response. I really hate Windows 8!

  14. Bob

    Exactly. I’ve never seen this ‘Metro Interface’ – ever. Who dreams up these names? Sounds like Tube station. So everybody has to ask, What’s this metro interface?

    There’s a squalid little enquiry-type box hidden at the very bottom left of the start menu – type fonts in there and the fonts folder opens. What might you want to do next? Why, install a font? Is there a button or link there which says, Would you like to install a font? Of course not! There are fancy options for all kinds of things, but no ‘Install a font’ That would be too easy wouldn’t it!!

    So you have to Google how do I do this, and then drag it into the folder yourself. Talk about having a dog and barking yourself.

    In my case, I then get five windows saying You can’t install this ffont, it’s not a nice font blah blah blah. Click close on all of those and, guess what? It installed the font.

    It’s the Emperor’s clothes up at Microsoft – nobody’s got the balls to turn round and, ‘Scuse me, Bill – this pile of s*&t doesn’t work.

  15. Loopy


    I am trying to find out the difference in the right click menu between ‘Install’ and ‘Install as Shortcut’. My fonts seem to install with either option but would like to understand the difference. Thank you so much.

  16. Lisa

    If you still getting error like .dll or something, use SKYFONT and you will fix the FONT problem link here:
    How to use skyfont? here:

  17. Leigh

    I can’t seem to get my fonts to install. They are music symbol fonts I purchased on a disk, and I receive an error message when I drag and drop that the font is not valid.

  18. Bree

    Typing word fonts in metro nothing at all comes up. Typing word fonts in search nothing comes up. I get the message No apps match my search.

    Is there a reliable way to get to the fonts in windows 8?

  19. Tarcisio Briffa

    Typing word fonts in searching nothing comes up. Is there a reliable way to get the fonts in windows 8.1?

  20. HI there.

    Some people may have had the issue We’ve just recently had on our system(windows10pro). After trying to install a font it states something along the lines of ” I can’t install it, it is not a valid font “. Ok, so, checking everywhere and trying a bunch of stuff, I tried one last thing just before I was gonna quit – Windows Firewall. Yeh, I just went into the task manager and then services under administrative rights, made sure it was running(I always usually have it disabled), and done. Tried to open and view and more importantly, install fonts, and yeah it worked. I tried many other things and looked everywhere and read a bunch of stuff and even tried to convert the font files over to what they already are, and no…just make sure windows firewall is enabled and it should take. At least if you are dealing with the same issue we were. It’s something to try.

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