Make Any Program In Windows Stay “Always On Top”

Pin programs to always stay on top in Windows 7 or VistaWhen you are working in Windows with limited screen space it can be really useful to have certain windows stuck hovering above others.  Some programs in Windows automatically incorporate this “always on top” feature, but for the most part both Windows 7 and Vista are completely without it.  However, there are two free and simple programs out there that will add this to every single program in Windows without any hassle.

Always On Top Autohotkey Script

Labnol created a script that runs from an executable file to make Windows stick on top.  The script doesn’t add any graphical interface, but rather it enables the shortcut key combination of Ctrl + Spacebar to make a window go into “always on top” mode.

Download the Always On Top script from Labnol’s Dropbox

FileBox Extender Utility

If you’d prefer to use a graphical interface, FileBox Extender is an open-source solution.  The utility adds two buttons to the top of your windows; a collapse button and a, pin button.  The collapse button will minimize your window in-place, and the pin button will literally pin the window to “always on top” mode.  To undo either, just push the button again.  FileBox extender also has a lot of other groovy features that you can check out once you’ve downloaded it.

Download FileBox Extender from the developer’s website

graphical interface to pin windows in 7 or vistaFilebox Extender utility for windows

Both the script and the open-source utility get the job done, and they even work great together.  If you have Labnol’s script running and you Press Ctrl + Space it will trigger the “pin” button from FileBox extender just as if you had Clicked it.

Do you find it useful to keep some windows floating “always on top?”



  1. Brett  

    Thanks for this. I use 3 monitors, and they are great. I also use Dexpot and UltraMon. I still have the problem of “out of site, out of mind.” Thus my need for a way to keep a program on top. As I already use AutoHotKey, I opted for that. Working great. Thanks for tips!

  2. Vytas  

    thank you!

  3. Teddy  

    Very handy little app! Thanks!

  4. Hans43  

    Wow, So simple, so cool. Working excellent… Big thx

  5. Glenn  


    Just installed FileBox Extender primarily to force Outlook reminders to popup onto the screen on top so they successfully remind me that I have a meeting. This works well on a given day. Unfortunately, it seems that Filebox Extender forgets the settings you made after restart and therefore I need to pin the Outlook reminder window manually once every day! I might need a reminder to do that :-). Am I missing something? I would have thought I could set it once and it would be set forever?


  6. irshad  

    thanks man.

  7. Great info! Timely and perfect. Thanks for saving me a great deal of time, now i can turtle up my designs. Once again thanks. Gotta share this right away!

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