How to Resize a Photo or Screenshot With Windows 7 Paint

MSPaint brings back many memories, and not all of them are good ones.

MSPaint brings back many memories, and not all of them are good ones. That all changes with Windows 7.  Windows 7 Paint has received nearly a complete rewrite by Microsoft this time around.  It is packed full of new features, including the familiar Office-style Ribbon file menu. It’s quite a jump from previous versions.

How To Use The New Windows 7 Paint Program For Image Resizing

1.  Right-click the image you want to resize, then on the context menu, click Open with > Paint.

Alternatively, depending on what software you have installed, you may also click Edit.

right click your image in windows 7 and then select open with paint

2.  Once Paint loads, Click the Image button on the ribbon and then click Resize.

Note: If your Paint window is large enough for the Ribbon to auto-expand, the Image button will become its ribbon menu.

resize your image in windows 7 paint by clicking image and then resize

3.  That step should open the Resize and Skew window.  Here you can choose to resize using percentage or pixels. My preference is pixels, so I know the exact dimensions of the image. Enter the Horizontal and Vertical dimensions you would like the picture to be, and then click OK.

manually set the size of your windows 7 image using paint and the pixels option

4.  Now that the image is the size you want, don’t forget to click Save. If you accidentally try to exit without saving, Paint will kindly remind you that you have not saved yet, via a pop-up.

save your image


Hopefully, operation image-resize was a success! Here’s an example where I’ve used Paint to make my image of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster a little bit smaller.  I hope you enjoyed this article as much as he wants cookies.

sesame street cookie monster image resized

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Paul

    November 22, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    Have ” 7 ” now, but using photo/editor-paint is nowhere NEAR
    as useful as the many-more possibilities with old XP editor/paint . . .

    [ complicated clip-pasteboard not useful – can’t copy & duplicate
    a color from a photo itself – cut means leaving a white hole
    – copying a photo is complicated (for me, anyway) – can’t lengthen
    parts/sections of photos (shortening a slightly tall head) – color paint lines
    don’t stay straight, but wander or disappear – can’t use different
    paint-dot sizes-or-larger for tight fill-ins ]

    ” 7 ” gives me less possibilities and many more steps . . .

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