How To Export Delicious Bookmarks to HTML or XML

How TO Backup Delicious Bookmarks

After hearing the news about Yahoo’s new plans to shutdown or sell the social bookmarking site,, many users have already begun a mass exodus.  The problem for many people, myself included is that Delicious is where I’ve saved 100’s of my favorite web pages and losing them could be devastating.  I’m happy to report that regardless of what Yahoo does with the service, you can backup every single one of your bookmarks just incase.

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  1. How To Export / Backup Delicious Bookmarks to an HTML File
  2. How To Export / Backup Delicious Bookmarks to an XML File

How To Backup Delicious Bookmarks To An HTML File

Step 1

Visit and log in.  Now Click the Settings button at the top-right of the page.

delicious settings

Step 2

On the settings page Click the Export / Backup Bookmarks button.

export backup delicious bookmarks

Step 3

include tags and notes / description in delicious bookmarks backup


Now your bookmarks will be backed  up to where you saved them in HTML format.  This means that you can upload them later, or view them in your browser on a single web page.

backup delicious bookmarks to html file

Alternative: To An XML File

If you prefer, you can download your bookmarks in XML format for easier import into a different bookmarking tool or service.  My guess is Yahoo! will work out a nice export/import process with another popular service out there shortly (stay tuned on this… I found a few I like but nothing 100% yet).

Step 1

Visit, and then enter your normal Delicious username and password.

backup delicious through delicious api

Your browser should now go to a blank white page, or one filled with XML code (it depends which browser you are using)

delicious bookmarks in xml format

Step 2

Once you’ve completed logging in, in your browser use the Save page option and save the page as an .xml file.

delicious bookmarks xml backup


Now your bookmarks are backed up!  If Yahoo can’t figure out what to do with Delicious and it disappears at least you’ll still have your bookmarks available to you.

delicious xml bookmark list open in notepad



  1. sissi


    why do u download the xml file manually? it’s much easier to just address the feed directly via the url as it’s always up-to-date too:{username}/{tag}

    replace {username} with your delicious username
    replace {tag} with the tag you want to show (optional)


  2. Simone

    Hi guys! I’ve found this website to save your bookmarks and organize them in sections and folders! And you can even manage them with your friends! Try it! ;)

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