Change The Windows 7 Taskbar Date Display Format

Here’s a look at how to customize the way the time and date look on your Windows 7 taskbar.

For someone who sits at a desk all day working on computers, the system clock is a primary source for accurate time. The problem is that the default format of the date doesn’t display what day it is, just what number. This default is easy to fix, and this article will show you how.

How To Change The Display Style Of the System Day In The Windows 7 System Tray

1. Click the Clock in your Windows 7 system tray and then select Change date and time settings

Windows 7 screenshot - click the clock and change settings

2. Click Change date and time

Windows 7 screenshot - change the date and the time

3. Click Change calendar settings

Windows 7 screenshot - change the calendar settings

4. From here, you can change your date and time display using the preset Windows 7 format. Select one from the drop-down lists, but if you want something more customized, click Additional settings.

Windows 7 screenshot change the region and language formats settings 

5. Go to the Date tab. You can adjust what it displays and set it to your custom parameters; you can only use the letters: d, M, and y.

  • d = day
  • M= month
  • y = year

Test out different combinations to see which suits you best; you can also include commas, slash marks, dashes, and other grammatical symbols. Click Apply when ready to see the results.

Windows 7 screenshot - customize display formats

Now you have a customized date appearance. In the example below, I used “dddd, MMM d“ for the short date and “dddd, MMM dd/yyyy” for the extended date. It’s nice to know that when I forget what day it is, Windows 7 clock has my back.

Windows 7 screenshot - long date vs. short date

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  1. shockersh

    Done and done. I also like the trick for adding additional clocks for different time zones as well. Nice trick.

  2. mike

    That day/date format in the taskbar tray was exactly what I wanted! Thanks for the fantastic tips!

    • MrGroove

      Awesome Mike. Thnx for the feedback. Have you tried my new write-up for adding multiple clocks w/different timezones? That’s a nice one also. ;)

  3. Taylor Griffin

    What a fantastic idea. I am not totally sure if that is going to happen, but who knows. Would you be willing to write another post, but from the opposite side of the fence.

  4. karin

    Very helpful, thank you. Got my date back.

  5. AnandVVN

    thank you

  6. jawahar

    i want to set the date format as per dd/mm/yyyy in my pc with windows 7 but in change format this isn’t appear give me the solution

  7. Gary Weinstein

    Win 7 – Only problem I have is that Notification area will only show 1 line – the time. If I raise the tool bar it shows the day/date & time, but in 3 lines. Like in your sample, there is room for 2 lines in the normal position.

  8. Lee

    Maybe I’m just an old dinosaur, but I would have found it helpful if you had explained exactly HOW to “Test out different combinations to see which suits you best” — SPECIFICALLY WHERE is a person supposed to to enter this information? How does a person even bring up the “Apply” button, which is grayed out? Very frustrating.

  9. René

    My version of Windows 7 only gives one option for long date format, but when selected, it does not change on the display. Only the short date format displays. Most frustrating. Any suggestions??

  10. Pat

    Same problem as Rene. There is no long date available in my windows 7

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