How to Set Up Your Email Accounts in the Mail App on iPhone or iPad

Once you get your new iPhone or iPad you’ll want to set up the Mail app with your accounts. Here’s how to do it.

When you first get a new iPad or iPhone, one of the first things you’ll want to do is set up your email accounts in the iPhone’s native Mail app. You can add your Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other accounts. Here’s how to do it.

Set Up Your Email on iPhone or iPad

To get started, go to Settings > Mail.

email iPhone

Next, tap on Accounts > Add Account.

 email accounts iphone

Now tap the email service you want to add. Here I’m going to set up my account. Choosing will cover any Microsoft account like @hotmail, @live, or @outlook. But whichever service you pick you’ll then need to log into your account. So, for example, if you choose Gmail, you need to log into your Google account.

mail account iphone

After you’re logged in, turn on the features of the account that you want the Mail app to check on your device like your Calendar, Contacts, etc. Then tap Save.

email items

That’s it! You will be taken back to the Mail > Accounts screen and you can see the account you just added. If you tap on it you can make changes to the features that sync, change the number of days of mail you want to sync, and even delete your account.

If you click on the account address you can access advanced settings.

Now that you have your email account setup, you can start sending and receiving mail from your iPhone or iPad. For more, check out how to change the default email signature. And if you set up multiple accounts, read how to create a separate signature for each one.

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