How to Hide the Search Icon on the Windows 11 Taskbar

There are several ways to search for items on Windows 11 so you might want to hide the Search icon on the taskbar. Here’s how.

Microsoft provides many ways to search in Windows. And Windows 11 is no exception. It doesn’t include the large search box like Windows 10, but it does have a “Search” icon. Here’s a look at a few different ways you can easily search Windows 11 so you can ditch the icon from your taskbar.

Search Icon Windows 11

By default, Microsoft displays the Search icon on the Windows 11 taskbar. But you can remove it if you want.

Searching Windows 11 the Easy Way

The process is simple if you need to search for a file, folder, app, or other items on your Windows machine. All you need to do is hit the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing for what you need. For example, I hit the Windows key in the shot below and started typing: cmd to find and open the Command Prompt.

The Start menu has a search field at the top, but it automatically puts the cursor there when you start typing your query. So, you don’t have to click the search field first. Just start typing.

Search for CMD Windows 11

Remove the Search Icon from the Windows 11 Taskbar

Since searching is as easy as hitting the Windows key and typing, having a search icon feels redundant. To remove it, open Settings by going to Start > Settings or using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + I.

When it opens, click on Personalization from the menu on the left. Then scroll down and click Taskbar from the list on the right.

personalization Settings Windows 11

On the following screen, click to expand the “Taskbar items” menu if it isn’t already. Then turn off the switch for Search.

turn off taskbar windows 11

That’s it. The search icon will disappear right away. If you want to add it back later, go back into Settings and flip it back on.

Alternate Method

Alternately, and perhaps a simpler way to remove the search icon is to right-click it. Then click Hide from taskbar when it appears. Just note that to turn the icon on again, you’ll need to go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and turn on the switch.

Hide from Taskbar Windows 11

Whichever way you do it, removing icons from the taskbar can create more room for other, more important apps. Speaking of that, take a look at pinning apps to the Windows 11 taskbar.

And if you are running Windows 10, take a look at removing the Search box from the taskbar.

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