Facebook: How to Hide or Customize Your Friends List Visibility

Depending on your paranoia privacy needs… Facebook has many wheels and dials available to tighten things up a bit. Today I have a quick tip to hide your friends list. Here’s how you do it.

Login to Facebook and Click the profile button (top right first and last name).

facebook edit profile

Click the Edit family, friends lists button on the left sidebar under the Friends menu.
Edit facebook friends list options

Click Visibility drop down arrow and click Only me to hide your friends list from everyone on Facebook.

Note: Optionally, choose the visibility that fits with your privacy needs.

Edit facebook friends list visibility

Click Save Changes to save your selection.

facebook save changes



  1. John L

    I am not a Facebook user due to the continuous efforts to remove peoples privacy. I have a dormant account to enable me to access some sites which I rarely use but every time I do log in I get to spend a few minutes undoing all of their efforts to remove my privacy. I have to say that seeing the word “paranoia” put in and crossed out is a little insulting to individuals who like to mind there own business and only let those they trust have access to their personal information. It is not paranoia, it is common sense.

    • Steve Krause

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment. Please know crossing out Paranoia wasn’t at all meant to be insulting but rather it was an inside joke to those who read groovyPost. If you take a look at our other posts about Facebook ( you will see that privacy and security, especially around Facebook and their horrible terms of service is a frequent topic here. I call it an inside joke because most of my friends and readers know us for always being “that guy” who warns you continuously about the privacy issues on Facebook and what you can do to improve your privacy if you choose to use the service.

      Thanks for reading and getting the discussion going. I’m glad to see there are other privacy minded readers out there who don’t blindly distribute all the details of their life to corporations out there just because they offer free services with a few groovy features.

      groovyPost Founder and Chief

      • John L

        Hi Steve,
        Thanks for replying. Sorry I didn’t get the joke but it sounds like we both have the same issues with the site. I don’t think crooks and identity thieves have ever had it so good.Its all there on a plate and very few people appear to engage their brains before giving away far too much information. Personally I believe there are uses for sites such as these but all options to remove privacy must be opt in and not opt out. Facebook tries to hide as many options to opt out as possible and is determined to undermine everyone’s privacy. The fact that they are getting away with it shows how lax the laws are that are meant to protect us.

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