Calling All groovyReaders! What Should We Be Writing About?

Recently on our Facebook Fan Page, a reader said they wanted me to write more about Microsoft Office How-To-Tutorials.  After reading their feedback, I realized that it had been over two years since I sent out a poll asking all of you what you want to see more of here on So guess what! It’s POLL TIME!

So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do!  Please feel free to tell me what it is you like most about and what type of articles you want to see here.  News?  How-To Tutorials?  Software Reviews? Or??? Feel free to vote for your favorite topic and if I missed one, put in the ‘Other’ field!

You should also feel free to drop a note in the comments if you want to express some additional thoughts as well.  Once all the results and comments come in, I’ll probably be sending out another Poll to narrow things down even further.



  1. dj2255

    Long time subscriber – I would like to see more Mobile / Smartphone how to articles and tips and reviews personally.

    but, i also like the google voice stuff. you used to talk more about google voice in the past.

    • vadim

      yeah I agree. more mobile ads would be good.

  2. Shockersh

    I want more hard core tech tips. Stuff I don’t know or software that helps me solve problems at work for free.

    • MrGroove

      We can do that

  3. vadim

    My vote is keep things just how they are. I like the mix of news, tips, tricks and freeware. My reccomendation is to drop the in-article ads… they drive me crazy.

    • Vijay

      I do like the mix of technical tips and cool software. i agree.

  4. Vijay

    I like your Security and Privacy articles. I started reading the blog after I found your Facebook article. You were linked from Gizmodo. You need to write more of that and leave out the regurgitated news I get on lifehacker and techcrunch.

    • MrGroove

      Good feedback Vijay – will kick up more of those.

  5. Edy M.

    I really love the how-to tutorials because I always learn something from them. By the way, the look and feel of your revamped site is superb. A job well done!.

    On a side note, I don’t know if it is too early to ask about something that has been driving me berserk since the recent advent of FCU (Fall Creators Update). It has to do with Controlled Folder Access feature that Microsoft has just implemented. It is really a good thing with regard to security and protection, but doesn’t seem to live up to its commitments. Just one quick example: Why on earth this feature is blocking even executables from System 32? Maybe it needs a final polishing touch, which hopefully we will get with a future feature update.

  6. PCar

    Hello! Here is a suggestion:

    A section for known problems in the public releases of Windows 10. Also, if you do so, a lot of readers and not “IT” people and they do not understand a lot of the technical language. So, if you made a section in your newsletter for known problems, it would be awesome if you could think of your audience and remember many people just want to know what is broken (layman’s terms). Also, if you know when they may be seeing the problems corrected (which the group who gets the updates before the public release should be aware of). Thank you for these newsletters. They are really helpful to me.

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