Google Voice Goes Public – Invitation No Longer Needed

groovy google newsGoogle Voice Invites have been a HOT commodity for the last several years so the announcement from Google yesterday should make a lot of people VERY HAPPY.   Google Voice has gone public and no longer requires an invitation to join the service.  That’s right, if you want a Google Voice account, you can just get one – right now!


As stated on the home page, they no longer require an invite to set up your account.

google voice is public for everyone, no more invites


Unfortunately, Google was very specific in their blog post that Google Voice is still only available to those inside the USA.  Hopefully, more news will follow for Asia, Europe and Canada, however, my guess is they are still working out the details with the carriers and governments in the APAC and EMEA regions.


So stop reading and grab your Google Voice invite now!

Get Google Voice Without An Invitation

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