Google Chrome: Make the Browser Read Text to You

If you have poor eyesight or are too lazy to read a webpage, Google Chrome can read it for you. Make Chrome read to you with the Chrome Speak extension.

Go to the Chrome Speak page in the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome.

Chrome Speak

Once installed, it will open a new tab with Chrome Speak app along with other installed Chrome apps.
Chrome Speak Icon

Now, open any website and highlight the text you want Google Chrome to read. Right click on it and select Read The Selected Text.

Chrome Speak Highlight Text

It will read the entire text for you.

It can read random text for you as well. Open a new tab and click on the Chrome Speak app. It will open Chrome Speak options. Type the text you want chrome to speak and click on Speak button.

Chrome Speak Text

From options page, customize settings such as its voice, language, volume and other basic options.

Chrome Speak Options

Here is a video showing the extension in action.



  1. Carla

    I could not find this app anywhere in the Google Playstore. Is the Chrome store somehow different?

  2. Mark

    Fishpowered browser lets you read aloud any web page and put your phone in your pocket and listen to the web like a podcast app

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