Official Google AdSense Android App Tour

The official Google AdSense app is available on Android and it allows you to keep track of the stats on your website or blog while on the go. Here’s a look.

The official Google AdSense Android app has finally been made available by the search engine giant. Just like the official web version, it’s a great way of keeping in touch with your AdSense earnings on the go.

Google AdSense App

If you’re a webmaster using AdSense to obtain revenue from the content on your website or blog, this new app, which you can get for free in the Google Play Store, can only be useful. Also, the fact that it’s official, made by Google, ensures you’re ideally getting accurate stats from the company.

After you’ve installed the app, start it and, if the account you’re using for AdSense is the same one on your Android device, you’ll see earnings data right away.

AdSense Android app main

If that’s not the account you want, tap the menu button on the top right side of the app and tap Change account.

AdSense Android app change account

The app is straightforward and the interface is as easy to use as it is on any other Google-developed app. Tap the app’s icon on the top left side of the screen and you’ll get a menu which takes you to all the main parts of your AdSense account.

AdSense Android app left menu

You can check out your Top Sites, Top URL channels, Top Custom Channels, or Top Ad Units.

AdSense Android app ads

You’re also provided with a menu that allows you to change the period of time for which the report is provided, and get a more accurate idea of how much you’re making or losing.

AdSense Android app time

The app is quite easy to use but it won’t allow you to modify your ads – you can just use it for reports. Another important thing is that, if there’s anything the service wants to notify you of, you have a notification bell – the same way you do on Google+.

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