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Google Adwords Express

Google Boost Becomes Google AdWords Express

Have you ever tried to set up a traditional Google AdWords account for your business’ website?  If you have, you’ve probably found out that it can be complicated and confusing especially if you don’t have any preview experience with AdWords.  The problem here is if Google AdWords is not configured properly, your advertising can be completely ineffective.  […]

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Google Privacy

How To Customize Ads from Google or Opt-Out Completely

Although Google is primarily a search business with a few smaller gigs on the side, its primary cash flow comes from its Advertising business (Adsense/Adwords).  One of the ways Google makes Ads so effective is by tailoring them based on your google searches, websites you’ve visited in the past and content on the site you’re […]

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Google Announces “Chrome OS” (Operating System)

Google, with its somewhat successful (not really) launch of the Chrome internet browser, has just made it publicly known they intend to enter Microsoft’s realm with Chrome OS.  The operating system is scheduled for release mid-2010.  Interestingly enough, they will be releasing the source code later this year.  The good news for Microsoft is that […]

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