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How To Get Started Using Twitter Music

Just when you thought there couldn’t be more ways to access music online, Twitter recently rolled out Twitter Music. With established services like Spotify, MOG, Pandora – even Rhapsody, is there really a need for this? Here’s a look at getting started with it.

Twitter Music Site

Head to the page to start listening. It shows some top tracks on the page.

Twitter Music Page

Then there’s categories of music that are popular and trending, popular, emerging, and suggested. The service apparently has no idea what I like yet, because nothing it recommended I would listen to. But then I am a metal / rock / indie guy with no love at all for “popular top 40 stuff.”


But to really find what you’re looking for, you need to search.


If you find a band or artist you like, following them on Twitter is a simple one-click process.

Follow Band

Twitter gives you short 30 second samples of songs you click. Then you have the option to buy tracks on iTunes.

Twitter Player Control

Or listen to unlimited tracks on Spotify or Rdio. So unless you already have accounts with either of those streaming services, you need to create one. Oh, and pay for Premium Spotify. Well, I am a MOG user, and can’t justify paying for another service just to listen to what people recommend on Twitter.

Select Service

Twitter Music Mobile

At the time of this writing, there’s only a Twitter Music app available on iOS – no Android version yet. After using the iOS app though, it did start recommending music I would be more interested in.

iOS Twitter MusicTwitter Music Suggestions

I probably need to spend more time with this service, or maybe I won’t. After spending the afternoon with it, there’s nothing here that would compel me to switch from MOG and my own music collection. Sure, it’s meant to be a music discovery tool, but I’m able to discover plenty of music in other ways.

What’s your opinion of the Twitter Music service? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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