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Starbucks Serving Up Free WiFi Starting July 1st

Groovy NewsAre you a coffee lover with a mobile WiFi-enabled device?  If so you’ll want to take advantage of the new free WiFi that Starbucks is brewing, available in July.

On Monday (Jun 14th) Starbucks announced via their twitter stream that they would be offering “Free. One click. No registration WIFI at all US locations!”  Coffee addicts, load up your mobile devices and get ready to inject caffeine into your veins and free internet onto your electronics.


Personally, I don’t drink coffee, but Starbucks does make a few mean other drinks.  Plus being that you can find a Starbucks pretty much ANYWHERE, all good news starting July 1st.



  1. tainted

    So when you say “free” do you mean 100% free or do I need to buy a cup of coffee?

  2. Animis

    They have a 1 click login system so they can track abuse by Mac address # and ban people that abuse it.

  3. shockersh

    I did some reading on the blog and I saw no mention of the details for free wifi in europe… Anyone else see anything on this?

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