How to Fix Embedded Videos Not Playing in Google Chrome

If you have run into a situation where videos are not playing in Chrome, here are a couple of things you can do to fix the problem.

Google Chrome is arguably the best web browser available right now. It’s certainly the most popular among mobile and desktop users, according to statistics from NetMarketShare. However, even the best and most popular software can have hiccups. I recently ran into an issue where embedded videos on websites weren’t working at all. If you have run into a similar situation where videos are not playing, here’s a couple of things you can do to fix the problem.

Fix Videos in Website Not Playing in Chrome

The other day I was tinkering with various settings in the Chrome browser. I didn’t have a reason to start turning things on and off other than being bored and curious. It was late at night, and I didn’t remember which settings I messed with. Well, the next day, I realized that embedded videos were not playing in Chrome.

Typically, videos on a website, including ours, are embedded from a streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo. Well, when I would come across one, usually the video box was completely blank.

Black YouTube Video Box

Or, sometimes (like this example from the Android Oreo site), the video displayed the featured thumbnail. But after pressing play, I would be staring at just a blank black box. Audio and video playback controls were not accessible either.


The first thing to try is disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome’s Advanced Settings to fix the problem. You can get to Settings from the Options menu or type: chrome://settings in the address bar and hit Enter.


Next, scroll down near the bottom and under the System section, turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available,” and relaunch Chrome. Head to a site where a video was giving you a problem to see if it works.

Disable Hardware Acceleration Relaunch

If that doesn’t work, the next thing to do is delete some browsing history. In Settings, scroll down and select “Clear browsing data” under the Privacy and Security section.


Select Browsing history, Download history, Cached images and files, cookies, and other site data. Choose how far back you want to go — pick a time when you first noticed the problem.


Whether you use one of the options above or have to use both, you should be able to play videos again in Chrome.

video playing successfully

Keep in mind that clearing your cookies will sign you out of most websites that require you to log in. That can be a pain if you don’t have a Chrome set to remember your passwords or use a third-party password manager such as LastPass or 1Password.

That’s why I suggest turning off Hardware Acceleration first. Hardware Acceleration is designed to give your CPU a break and handoff graphically-intensive tasks associated with displaying pictures, text, and videos to your GPU. In general, this should result in pages loading faster, but it can also cause quirky problems from time to time. If that fixes your problem, you can go in and turn it back on.



  1. lee

    This did not work. The problem actually started a few days ago AFTER I cleared the cache, cookies, history, etc.

    • Ian

      This did not work for me either My videos on youtube netflix or anything else do not render.

    • alan

      This didn’t work at first for me either. Then I re-enabled hardware acceleration, relaunch, then disabled hardware acceleration, relaunch. Then it worked.

  2. Jim

    Thank you. I had tried everything. This fixed it.

    • Michael

      Just to tag on to Jim’s comment … thanks, turning off the hardware accelerator did the trick for me.

      • Ilse

        ” scroll down near the bottom and under the System section, turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available” and relaunch Chrome.” Ditto. After many sites and many tries, this did the trick.

        • Kate

          Thank-you! Finally a fix for the black embedded videos. Turning off the hardware acceleration worked for me too.

  3. Mel

    Thank you! The first option worked, I didn’t have to delete cookies. Easy instructions were much appreciated. Technology challenged here.

  4. Dave Zamora

    Thank You for your help all my videos are back to Normal.

  5. Or Il

    Thank you ! after 20 min search and tries I found this page and it solved the issue!!!

  6. AlisonC

    Thank you – hardware acceleration was the problem here too.

  7. Alperen

    It solved my problem. Thank you so much for help.

  8. Luann

    Thank you! The first option solved my problem and the instructions were easy to follow.

  9. Boomhauer

    That worked, thank you.

  10. Nancy Sue Smith

    I LOVE YOU! Success! I KNOW I didn’t reset this one! Videos are playing fine now. Hardware acceleration was ON! And finally a website that helped me find the answer. All the others were concerned that my Flash wasn’t on “ASK First” or that it wasn’t updated or that my Chrome wasn’t running the latest version. This has been bothering me for several weeks. Thanks again!

  11. Arek

    Thanks. It really worked for me to turn of accelleration!! :-)

  12. Fuzzy

    Bravo! Well done, this fixed my problem in no time! Thanks a lot man!

  13. ataraxia PRIME

    The hardware acceleration fix worked for me. Very much appreciate the information!

  14. Ralph Dowdell

    I have tried all of the above steps, deleting “All” caches. It still won’t play embedded video. Straight YoutTube video works fine. Embedded video played fine just a couple of hours ago. Any other suggestions?

  15. George

    Turning off hardware acceleration fixed the problem for me. After turning it off don’t forget to click relaunch…


  16. Craig

    Thanks!! Hardware acceleration was the FIX! Never would have found that on my own…..

  17. Mike

    Thank you!! This fixed it!

  18. Keith

    Switched to Firefox. Problem fixed

  19. Mike

    Thank you for this information. The Hardware acceleration fixed the problem

  20. Fred

    It was the Hardw2are Accelerating that caused my problem……thanks for helping me out…..Google does not even mention this one :o(

  21. Prasanna

    First option fixed my problem. Thanks a bunch !

  22. Kevin Kretzmar

    Thank you – hardware acceleration was the problem

  23. Rena

    I just want you to know, I tried everything…resetting Chrome, all the advanced settings, plenty of other things but this worked!! Thank you now I can do my homework!!

  24. Andre

    This was the fix! Been a problem for a couple of weeks. It was difficult to find out current information on how to fix this. Am curious about WHY it happened in the first place, and why the answer was so elusive! It seems Microsoft doesn’t want you to know, so you’re essentially FORCED to use Edge out of sheer frustration…

  25. Lilia

    Yes, I turn off hardware acceleration and I solved the problem. I found the information in another site but thank you for your explanation because now I know why that solves the problem

  26. MH

    Unfortunately both ways still not fixed my problem to view twitter videos
    Any suggestion?

  27. Mathew Jose

    Thank you. After trying quite a few things, this worked.

  28. Misty M

    Nope, none of it worked. Have sound but no picture. This started when I updated Chrome. What changed in the update?

  29. Sandy

    I think the most recent Chrome update messed up settings but turning off hardware acceleration worked. Many thanks, saved me time and money at tech helpdesk.

  30. Mel.

    ThANK YOU SO MUCH this has been driving me insane turning off hardware acceleration worked- you have saved hours of fruitless tinkering. x



  32. Ronny

    Finally I can play videos again. Turning off and on the “Use hardware acceleration when available” under advanced settings did it. Such a small thing worked for me. Thanks

  33. Brent

    Thank you!! “use hardware accel….” did the trick. Bless you Brian…Bless you!

  34. Me Meme

    THANK YOU! That did the trick!!!

  35. Ian Rutherford

    Turning off hardware acceleration worked for me. Many thanks!

  36. Paul Lundgren

    I appreciate this very much. The hardware acceleration was my issue.

  37. Debra Wright

    thanks.. after hours of trying to fix it, your suggestion worked.

  38. Raja Prat

    The hardware accelaration tweak worked for me

  39. BB

    AWESOME it worked for me to turn off the acceleration. Thank You!

  40. C

    Hdwre accel fixed it.

  41. doolhoofd

    Thank you! Turning off hardware acceleration fixed it instantly.

  42. edek

    The hardware acceleration fix worked for me. Very much appreciate the information!

  43. Timon

    Yay! “Hardware acceleration” was the culprit. I tried everything: uninstall Chrome, reset Windows, fiddle with various video settings,
    directing increasingly loud obscenities at my computer, but nothing worked. Until I chanced upon your suggestion.

  44. Terry K

    Disabling HW acceleration worked perfectly. Thank you so much

  45. david moreno

    disabling hw acceleration worked great for me i hadn’t been able to watch a video for about 3 months so thank you very much..

    • Steve Krause

      Awesome! Glad we were able to assist!


  46. kevin

    Relaunching Worked! Thew experts could not fix my problem, you did… Thank you.

  47. Tracy

    I disabled hardware acceleration and it worked! Thank you!

  48. Francisco Ibarra

    Yes you are right, disabling hardware acceleration fixed the problem. Thank you.

  49. Joseph Sarnak

    Thanks Guys, (of course , Gals are included)

    I am a poker player, I have software called Pokertracker4 this has embedded videos and they also have a website with same videos. A week or so prior my videos would not play on the website or in the software. I racked my brain believing it had something to do with Adobe Flash player. After hours of attempting everything I could think of, and anything i could find on “help” sites, I was ready to throw in the towel. I stumbled upon this amazing article and I unchecked the acceleration in Chrome and it worked- WooHoo!! But how did this fix my problem in the software? And also in Microsoft Edge ? Is Chrome running my operating system? Afraid of “Google”

  50. Scott Chumbley

    Tried evrything! Turning Hardware accelerator off worked! THX!!!!!

  51. Steve Gardner

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  52. Mike

    Did as you advised and turned off the hdwr. accel. and hit relaunch. Worked like a charm! Thank you!
    To bad google doesn’t take the time to answer or post things that can helps their users. Oh well.
    Thanks again!

  53. Carmen

    Thanks so much for the advice! The videos on instagram and twitter weren’t playing properly for me and I was pulling out my hair trying to fix this. Your tip to turn off hardware acceleration solved the problem. Cheers!

  54. Katy

    worked like a charm!! thank you!!

  55. John Schickling

    Turning off the accelerator worked like a charm. Thanks for the help.

  56. Damian

    Turning off the accelerator worked like a charm form me tto. Thank you very much for the help!

  57. john

    I deleted stuff before I came here and no dice. Then I googled the problem like I should have done in the first place and the accelerator thing worked. I was not expecting it to work for some reason. As if people on the internet lie or do not know what they are talking about. I really appreciate your help/post. My problem occurred immediately after a windows 10 update on 8/10 or 8/11/18. I do not know if that had anything to do with anything.

    • Steve Krause

      Hi John,

      I’m glad our solution helped you out. Thnx for the comment. Hope to see you around more here on my blog.


  58. Sam

    Turning off hardware acceleration worked for me. Thank you!

  59. Burt

    I had tried a lot of things but this fixed it. Thanks

  60. Ashley Penn

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to fix this issue for a while. Tried java and flash etc. Turns out it was a hardware acceleration issue. Many thanks!

  61. BS

    IT WORKED! Oh, my gosh. I have had this problem for about two years! I watched all my TV shows from the various network websites. Then, apparently after an update or after I messed with some settings, I couldn’t watch any videos on while in Chrome. I always ended up using Internet Explorer, which is not preferrable, but it worked!

    Finally, after a solid week of struggling with different “fixes” — C++ distributable packages not loaded or pieces missing, fixing a file that had a file name changed, cleaning out the cookies, the cache, and the browsing history — a fix that actually works! Turn OFF “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

    I am sooooo happy! Thank you.

  62. Urpo Taskinen

    The first one of the suggestions “turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available” and relaunch Chrome” made it! Now I can see the messages in Twitter! Probably it solved other problems also. Thank you very much!

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