How to Copy a Video Frame from a YouTube Video

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Need to grab a still image from a YouTube video? You don’t need third-party software if you’re using Chrome or Edge. Here’s how.

You could previously screenshot a YouTube video when you needed to capture a specific video frame. Now there’s a better way—Google has updated Chrome to include a feature that lets you capture high-resolution still images from videos.

This straightforward feature works in most Chromium-based desktop browsers, including Chrome and Edge on Windows and Mac. It lets you get a shot of a non-overlayed frame from the source video without needing additional third-party software.

If you need to get a shot from a YouTube video for whatever project you’re working on, you can use this feature to help you. Here’s how to copy a video frame from a YouTube video.

How to Copy a Video Frame from YouTube

Whether you need a shot of a video for notes, a presentation, a website, or a document, capturing the perfect image is easier than ever by using the steps below to copy a video frame from YouTube directly.

The Copy video frame option on YouTube provides you with a higher-quality image than the previous YouTube screenshot options.  The resolution of the shot you’ll copy is also superior to using an extension or screen capture tool like SnagIt or Windows Snipping Tool. It’s possible to get even higher resolution shots when you raise the YouTube video quality to 1080p or 4K resolution (where available).

To copy a video frame on YouTube:

  1. Launch either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your computer.
  2. Head to the YouTube website and play a video that you want a clip from.
  3. Right-click the video twice when the frame you want appears and select Copy video frame from the context menu.Video Frame from a YouTube Video
  4. Once you choose the option to copy the video frame, it’ll be copied to your clipboard. You can then paste the video frame into Word or another app you want to use the video still in.

The feature works the same way on Microsoft Edge (right-click the video twice), but the look of the look of context menu varies. However, you still click the Copy video frame option to copy it to your clipboard.

Video Frame from a YouTube Video

Using the Copy Video Frame Option on YouTube

It’s also important to note that while pausing the video ensures you get the frame you need, you don’t have to pause it to capture a frame. However, if it’s a quick scene, you may want to pause it at a specific spot—it’ll be easier to grab the screenshot using this method.

Once you have the shot, you can use and edit the image like other photos or images you add to documents, notes, or presentations. For example, you can flip the image in Word to adjust its orientation and alignment.

If you don’t see the Copy video frame option, make sure to update Google Chrome. To do this quickly, press the three-dot menu button in the top-right and select Help > About Google Chrome. Chrome will automatically download available updates—relaunch the browser to complete the update process.

Using YouTube in Google Chrome

If you need to get a high-quality, non-overlayed frame from a YouTube video, the Copy video frame option we’ve demonstrated above does a great job. Once the still is copied to your clipboard, you can paste it into the app you need the image for.

Google continuously adds new features to its browser. For example, if you want to limit ad tracking, you can adjust Chrome’s enhanced privacy settings.

If you want to use the web without other app distractions, you can make Chrome open in full-screen mode. And if you struggle to see small text on a site, you can zoom in and out using Chrome.

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