How to Enable Windows 10 Sonic Surround Sound for Headphones

An audio feature that you might not be aware of in Windows 10 is the ability to get an enhanced sound experience through your headphones.

There are plenty of new features in each version of Windows 10, but there are smaller improvements that often go overlooked. An audio feature that you might not be aware of in Windows 10 is the ability to get an enhanced sound experience through your headphones. It’s called Windows Sonic for Headphones. It is designed to emulate a 3D environment and make the audio coming from your headset more rich and atmospheric. Here’s a look at what it is and how to enable it.

Turn on Windows Sonic for Headphones

To turn it on, right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and select Spatial sound > Windows Sonic for Headphones from the menu.

1 turn on spacial sound windows 10

Alternately, you can hit the Windows key and type: sound and select the option to open sound settings in the classic Control Panel.

Start Menu Windows 10

Now highlight your playback device and click Properties. In the resulting window click the Spatial Sound tab and then choose Windows Sonic for headphones from the drop-down and then OK.

Windows 10 Spatial Sound Setting

I tried this out on three different types of headphones. I test this out with a decent set of Sennheiser earbuds, an expensive set of A-audio cans, and a cheap set of earbuds that I had accumulated somewhere along the way. As you’d expect, the quality headphones produced the best experience. Still, even with the cheaper ones, I could hear the difference and would recommend everyone to see if it’s your cup of tea.

The spatial sound feature introduced in Windows 10 version Creators Update (Version 1703). It’s still early days, but as more app developers incorporate it, we should start to see more use. Currently, this is best for gaming and you might notice a bit of a difference for movies.

Of course, the effectiveness of the feature will vary based on the quality and type of your headphones and soundcard, as well as your hearing sensitivity. Still, whether you’re an audiophile or not, this is a cool feature to try out if you use your headphones while working with your computer.

Have you tested out Sonic Spatial Sound on Windows 10 device? Let us know whether you like it, or not so much. Other than games, have you found another audio source it works well with? Let us know in the comment section below.



  1. Mark  

    Windows Sonic is amazing.
    And the best things are, it’s free, and 100% compatible with Atmos content.

    Microsoft are improving Sonic each update they release from W10. With the latest Fall creators update Sonic is sounding much better and more spatial, without losing his typical crisp sound of surround (With 5.1 movies and games)

    But, of course, Sonic only unleash his true potential with some movie encoded in TrueHD Atmos 7.1, i suggest to try this and you will hear sounds coming from above, below, around, a whole new level of immersion.

  2. George Petricko .  

    Spatial sound appears nowhere!

    • kenneth kahn  

      Same here.. my windows 10 system just got upgraded last night but I do not see any tab other than general under properties for any of my speakers.

      • kenneth kahn  

        Never mind. The new options appeared as soon as I actually enabled the device.

  3. I tried Dolby Atmos. Can’t say that I noticed a difference. I’ll check out this one now.

  4. Keirh  

    Does this work for Bluetooth headphones?

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