How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram and Why You Should Today!

Recently, Instagram added an amazing new security feature, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), to its mobile apps. Let’s review both what 2FA is and why you should enable it today!

Over Instagram-Direct-Inbox.pngthe past few months, the groovyPost team has been focusing on keeping our digital lives more secure by providing tips on everything from creating strong passwords you can remember to warnings that your Yahoo! Accounts were hacked. Continuing down this path of online security, today we’re going to review how you can secure an app you probably use every day, Instagram!

Why Secure Instagram?

Everyone loves photos. That’s obvious by the smash, galactic, success of Instagram, the photo-centric social network service acquired by Facebook in 2012 for just a billion bucks. It’s hard to find anyone these days not using the service as it takes the difficulty out of sharing public and private moments with friends, family, and even strangers. Ah, but there it is. For many of us, what we love about Instagram is the ability to share private photos with only those we choose. As we talk about frequently, there’s almost no better way to lock things down, including on Instagram, than two-factor authentication (aka – multifactor authentication, or two-step verification). Not only does two-factor help mitigate easy to guess passwords, but it also mitigates the risk of lost passwords as in the Yahoo! incident.

Convinced? Perfect! Let’s get to it. We got photos to take!

Setup Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

For this article, I am using the Android version of Instagram, but the instructions work the same for iOS. Not all accounts currently have 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) enabled. I had to use my sibling’s device to grab the screenshots used in this article. So if you’re not seeing 2FA in your account at the moment, just bookmark this article and walk through it once Instagram rolls out the feature to your account.

Launch Instagram, open your User Profile, then tap the Settings button, represented by three dots (Android) or a Gear Icon (iOS).



Scroll down under Account and Tap Two Factor Authentication.


Toggle on Require Security Code.


Tap Turn On.


Instagram will text you a verification code, enter it to verify your account.


As a safety precaution, Instagram will generate a set of verification codes, you should backup, copy, print and store somewhere safe; in case you experience problems signing.

step-6 step-6a

That’s it, 2FA is now enabled and your Instagram account is much safer.


Remember, the thing about security is nothing is 100%. Security is all about layers. The more you pay attention, even the little things, the better protected you will be.

Now that we’ve got security on the brain, why not stop by and review our articles on securing your Facebook and Twitter account! Not sure about you, but I feel A LOT more secure already! ;)



  1. A.  

    I dont have available option Two-factor authentication when in Account settings. Im wondering, please give me an advice how to fix it.

    Thank you!

    • Christian Taylor  

      Same here. Wouldn’t surprise me if Facebook removed it.. Facebook isn’t exactly a “good” company if you ask me. 2FA is an essential feature, and it’s sad to me that it’s not on something as huge as Instagram!

  2. Ben  

    Interesting. I’m having the same issue, I haven’t really bothered when I tried to enable it. It wasn’t available.


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