How to Enable Easy Mode on a Samsung Galaxy

How to Enable Easy Mode on a Samsung Galaxy

If you need to simplify the user interface on your Samsung phone, you can enable Easy mode on a Samsung Galaxy device using these steps.

Samsung phones include the Easy mode feature that helps simplify the user interface and make the phone easier to use. It’s beneficial for beginning users or those overwhelmed by the intricacies of the standard One UI on Galaxy devices.

Once you enable Easy mode, it will increase the system font size, make app icons larger, help prevent accidental touches, and make the default keyboard larger and easier to read with high-contrast keys.

So, if you are setting up a phone for elderly users, those with poor eyesight, or less tech-savvy individuals, we’ll show you how to enable Easy mode on a Samsung Galaxy phone in this guide.

What is Easy Mode on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

You can make the keyboard larger and increase the font size individually on your Samsung phone. However, Easy mode allows you to manage several usability options in one step. And that step only requires a simple tap to toggle on the feature’s switch.

Easy mode on Samsung devices makes text and icons larger on the screen, simplifies the user experience, prevents accidental touches, and provides larger and high-contrast keys on the keyboard. The feature is geared toward visually impaired users or those with trouble using a touch screen.

The larger UI is applied throughout the Samsung phone experience and even has its own home screen launcher. The mode makes it easier to see the screen, prevents accidental taps, and improves the keyboard’s visibility. Turning on Easy mode is quick once you know where to look to toggle it on in Settings.

How to Enable Easy Mode on a Samsung Galaxy

As we noted earlier, turning on Easy mode on your Samsung phone is straightforward by using the following steps.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and select Settings (gear icon).samsung settings galaxy
  2. Scroll down the screen and tap Display from the menu.display option samsung settings
  3. Swipe down the screen and tap Easy mode from the menu system.easy mode samsung galaxy
  4. Toggle on the Easy mode switch to enable the feature.toggle on easy mode samsung phone
  5. The system font size and icons will increase once you toggle on the Easy mode switch. The touch and hold delay will turn to 1.5 seconds, and the feature enables a high contrast keyboard (black letters on yellow keyboard).high contrast keyboard
  6. You will also find that the icons on the home screen and throughout the Samsung One UI experience on your phone will be larger and easier to see.large icons easy mode samsung phone

Disable Easy Mode on a Samsung Galaxy

If you find that you aren’t happy with the Easy mode feature or no longer need to use it, you can turn it off.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy device.
  2. Scroll down the menu system and tap Display.display option samsung phone
  3. Scroll down the following screen and tap Easy mode.easy mode samsung galaxy android
  4. Toggle off the Easy mode switch.toggle off easy mode switch samsung

Once you follow the steps, the icons will return to their default size, the keyboard will return to its default size and color, and the touch and hold time will revert to the standard size.

Easier Samsung Galaxy Use with Easy Mode

While you can individually manage settings on your Samsung phone to make it easier to use, Easy mode gets it all done in one fell swoop. You can also manage individual settings after turning on the feature. For example, you can resize the keyboard later if you find that it takes up too much screen real estate.

If you or another person have trouble navigating the Samsung user interface, the Easy mode feature can make a world of difference.

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  1. Dennis McAllan

    March 2, 2024 at 10:55 am

    Easy Mode is no where to be found. I followed the directions one step at a time but when it says tap Easy Mode it is not there. Very disappointing. I am having trouble when typing in that I have to tap/press each key anywhere from on to six times before it will work. I had high hopes that this would correct that and a few more small things.

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