Download Xbox 360 Game Demos from Your Computer

If you want to get your new Xbox 360 loaded up with games and demos, adding them from your browser is easy. Here’s how to browse and download games to your Xbox the easy way.

Downloading games from the Xbox site is easier than scrolling through the games section on your console. This way you can check out games at your convenience at work and have the games on your Xbox when you get home.

Launch your browser on your computer and go to games page at Then click on Full Games or Game Demos.

Game Demos

I like to try out demos before purchasing a game. Browse through the available demos, there’s a good selection.

xbox Demos

Click a game to get an overview with screenshots. Then click Try Demo.

Try Demo

You’ll then need to log in using your Windows Live ID.

sign in

Then click Confirm Purchase.

confirm purchase

The game demos are added to your Queue and will download to your Xbox. Here you can manage your games queue too. You do need to have your console powered on for the games to download.

xbox queue

Time to start several unproductive hours of game play.

Xbox Games Play

Don’t go too crazy adding games if you have an Xbox 360 Slim. It only has 4 GB of space. Unless you get the 250 GB drive update or add a USB flash drive for more storage.



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