How To Disable The Caps Lock Key In Windows 7

Working on Windows 10 PC

Easily Disable the caps lock key in Windows 7 with this quick tip.

Think hard about this one for a moment, how often do you actually use the Caps Lock key?  Most people would say, “Not Often.”  The Shift key is a great alternative, and it gets the job done without fear of making an online faux pas by typing out a message to someone in all caps (seen by some as the e-equivalent to yelling through text).  Ready to get rid of Caps Lock?  Here is how!

Step 1

Click the Windows Start Menu Orb and Type regedit into the search box.  Press Enter.

open regedit in windows 7

Step 2

Browse to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout

keyboard layout registry key windows 7

Step 3

Right-Click the Keyboard Layout key and Select New > Binary Value.  Rename the new binary value to the following:

Scancode Map

keyboard layout scancode map

Step 4

Right-Click your new Scancode Map binary and Select ModifySet the value to:

00000000 00000000 02000000 00003A00 00000000

To make sure this is accurate, it’s best to just copy the screenshot below.  Click OK when done.

modify binary registry

Step 5

Restart your computer for changes to take effect.

restart windows 7 computer


Now your caps lock key should be completely disabled.  If you hit the key, the Caps Lock light on your physical keyboard shouldn’t even light up anymore.   Groovy?  It certainly isn’t for those that believe “caps lock is cruise control to cool.”  For the rest of us though, this is a handy little trick to add to your arsenal.



  1. Koutheir Attouchi

    Perfectly useless hint for programmers and advanced computer users.

    • MrGroove


      • Koutheir Attouchi

        – We have some conventions that enforce writing in capitals: like macros in C++.
        – We have some multi keys shortcuts that use Shift key and that can interfere with normal writing, so we use Caps Lock there to avoid the conflict.
        – If you use a laptop with an AZERTY keyboard without a keypad, you don’t want to use both hands to write numbers. So do a single caps lock, then write the number you want.

        • MrGroove

          Bingo – Makes perfect sense.

          I guess as a systems admin, I never thought about those use-cases. Groovy perspective! Thanks for the comments.

    • nipelstien

      okay cool, guess that just means this article was never meant for them lol, how come you cant put that simple thought together but know so much else? but for the rest of us that dont need caps lock its nice to know. provided they can at least follow the guide

  2. Brad

    Well nonetheless I think Windows should come like this so people have to have to knowledge or the ability to use google to use caps and it would make the Internetz a better place! LOLZ

  3. Julio Cesar

    It is good to know more about the keyboard ,so , i suggest you sould also teach about the re enabling of the Caps Lock


    • Greg

      just backup your reg key (name it “CAPS LOCK” for instance lol) before modifying it. All you will need is to double click the backup and answer “yes” to apply the mod (which is really a roll back) then restart and you’d be back to normal.

  4. Olivier

    I started typing in 1986 on a manual (non-electric) typewriter.

    I have a terrible memory of the pain in the little left finger when I was wrong between SHIFT and CAPS LOCK, because SHIFT was soft to engage because this key raised only one single mechanical typebar, while CAPS LOCK was VERY difficult, because this key raised the whole set of mechanical typebars:

    It was 50 times more painful.

    In memory of these pains, I NO MORE use the CAPS LOCK button since 1986. I prefer to use SHIFT key.

    If at this time it had been so easy to disable CAPS LOCK on my typewriter, I would have done it willingly.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome, do you know what this?

  5. Jim

    Thank you for this tip! Have no need for ALL CAPS – and glad to be rid of that option on my keyboard. Much apppreciated!

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