How to Change App Icons on Android

if you want to spruce up your Android experience, you can customize the apps. Here’s how to change app icons on Android.

The default user interface and icons on Android look good by default. However, if you’re tired of square icons or want to add your photos to icons, it’s possible to customize things to spruce things up a bit.

Changing app icons allows you to add some flair, and changing app icon names can help get things done. For example, launchers and other customization apps in the Play Store allow easy customizations of app icons for Android.

Today, we’ll show you how to change app icons on Android using a free and straightforward method. You can change app icon names and change their shape.

Change App Icons on Android

There are plenty of launchers in the Play Store, but most are riddled with ads. Instead, we’ll use the popular (and free) Nova Launcher. It has many options; if you want more, you can purchase Nova Launcher Prime for $4.99.

To change app icons, do the following:

  1. Download and install Nova Launcher on your Android phone or tablet.Change App Icons on Android
  2. After it installs, scroll down to the Icons section.
  3. In this section, you can change icon shape and icon size. Tap the form you want and adjust the slider for icon size. There’s a preview screen above to get an idea of how things will look.Change App Icons on Android
  4. After changing the icons, continue to scroll down and tap the round Checkmark icon to apply changes.Change App Icons on Android

Change App Name

Nova Launcher allows you to change the names of your icons which can help you find items easier.

Use the following steps to change an app icon name:

  1. Long-press the icon you want to change the name for and select Edit from the menu.Change App Icons on Android
  2. Tap the App label field and type in the name you want to use for your icon. You can change the name to whatever you want or leave it blank for no name.Change App Icons on Android

Customize App Icons on Android

The free version of Nova Launcher offers plenty of customization options for app icons on Android.

To customize apps on Android, do the following:

  1. Tap the Nova Launcher icon from the home screen to open its Settings menu.Change App Icons on Android
  2. Scroll down and tap the Look & feel option from the menu.Change App Icons on Android
  3. Tap the icon next to Icon style at the top of the list.Icon Style Nova Launcher
  4. Under the Adaptive icons section, you can change icons to a different shape, but tap the More button for different shapes.Change App Icons on Android
  5. A new More shapes screen will pop up where you can select other shapes not included in the initial setup of Nova Launcher.more shapes available
  6. Choose the one you want to try, and it will give you a preview of a couple of app icons at the top of the screen.Change App Icons on Android
  7. Scroll down, and you can enable or disable other customization options like reshaping legacy icons, show shadows, and more.Change App Icons on Android
  8. When you finish, ensure you use the Nova Launcher if prompted.

Add Your Photos to App Icons

You can change app icons on Android further by adding your own photos with Nova Launcher.

To add your photo to an app icon, use the following steps:

  1. Long-press the app icon you want to change, and tap Edit from the menu that appears.add photo
  2. Tap the app icon in the Edit shortcut section.edit shortcut
  3. Tap the Gallery apps option on the next screen.galler apps
  4. Select the location of the photo you want to use.Change App Icons on Android
  5. Crop the photo and tap Done at the top of the screen.crop photo nova launcher
  6. The photo you chose will display as the app icon. If everything looks good, tap the Done button.Change App Icons on Android

Change App Icons on Android

Nova Launcher makes it a straightforward process if you want to change app icons on Android. You can change the app icon’s shape and name or add your photos to the app icons. Don’t want to use your photos as app icons? No worries. Nova Launcher allows you to download icon packs from the Play Store.

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