Best Siri Shortcuts for Apple Music

Apple Music offers 60 million songs and counting. Here are some Siri shortcuts you can use to make the experience more enjoyable.

Siri Shortcuts remains one of the best features of iOS and iPadOS. Initially launched in 2018 with iOS 12, Siri Shortcuts let you perform everyday tasks (or a series of functions) with your voice or a simple tap or automatically at a specific time or arrival at a location. Some of the best Siri Shortcuts relate to Apple Music, as you’ll see below.

What is Siri Shortcuts?

Each Shortcut includes a specific task or multiple actions that get automatically combined into one job. Not all Shortcuts have been designed for manual triggering using a voice or a tap. Instead, these shortcuts start automatically based on location, time of day, or other circumstances.

Using Shortcuts

Some Shortcuts run best as a widget, which you activate directly through the app or from notifications from your device. Others are ideally suited for use on Apple Watch. To use a Shortcut using your voice, you’ll be asked during the install process to record a phase. Moving forward, you activate the Shortcut by saying, “Hey Siri,” followed by the phrase.

Most Shortcuts are found directly in the Gallery section of the Shortcuts app. You can also install Shortcuts by tapping a provided link from a supported device.  Once establishing a Shortcut, it becomes accessible across all of your supported devices.

You’ll find links for every recommended Shortcut below. Tap “Get Shortcut” for the ones you want to get started, then tap “Add Shortcut” or “Add Untrusted Shortcut,” depending on whether the Shortcut was created by a third-party.

Best Siri Shortcuts for Apple Music

The following Shortcuts make it easier to enjoy your favorite tunes on Apple Music and find new songs with less hassle. All links must be clicked on your iPhone or iPad.

Playlist Central

The soundtrack of our lives tends to change often. And yet, the old standbys always bring a smile to our face. These Shortcuts are a great way to mix your new and old favorites.

  • Auto Playlist shuffles your 25 most recently played songs during the past three weeks, then plays them immediately.
  • Add to a Playlist allows you to automatically add the current song to a playlist of your choosing.
  • Open Activities & Moods is a fun one that lets you select from a series of categories such as focus, party, and sad. From there, you can choose any of the listed playlists that relate to the selected group.
  • Top 25 Playlist automatically creates a new playlist in Apple Music of the 25 songs you’ve played the most. The list changes as you continue to listen to Apple Music content.

Ultimate Control

How many songs have you saved on Apple Music? If you’ve lost count (and you should), it’s time for any of these playlists that bring order to your library.

  • Play Recently Added makes it impossible to forget your newest songs in your library. One tap and Siri play a game of shuffle with 15 new songs.
  • Play One and Shuffle is a unique playlist that lets you select a song from your library and then shuffle the rest of your content for continuous play.
  • Play Playlist is perhaps the most natural Shortcut on this list to setup. One tap on your device and a pre-determined playlist from your Apple Music starts doing its thing. The Shortcut is ideally suited as a Today Widget Shortcut.
  • Play an Artist is handy as a Today Widget Shortcut and does what you’d expect. When tapped, it plays music from the specified entertainer. You’ll need to add a different Shortcut for each artist.

Apple Music shortscuts

It’s About the Radio

Apple Music continues to add new radio stations to the mix. With the following Shortcuts, your favorites are just a tap away.

  • Classical Radio features a list of stations grouped under the “Classical” label. When you tab on the Shortcut, you’ll select from Classical, Simply Piano, and Opera.
  • Hits by Decade works similarly. You’ll select from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.
  • Play Apple Music 1 is the only button you’ll need to play one of the world’s most popular radio station, once called Beats 1.
  • Alternative & Indie Radio offers a running list of stations to choose from, including New Wave, Adult Alternative, Francophone Indie, and more.

Apple Music categories

What’s Next?

With any of the following Shortcuts, you can add songs and albums to your Queue, so the music never stops playing.

  • Play Full Album Next begins pumping out the entire album for the song that’s currently playing once the current title finishes. The Shortcut is a great way to avoid only listening to your favorite song(s) in an album and get to experience it in full.
  • Add to Queue offers a unique twist to expanding your song lineup. When run, the Shortcut chooses from your recently added tracks and puts them at the end of your Up Next queue.
  • Play Artist’s Top Songs Next takes note of the song that’s currently playing and then presents a list of the artist’s most popular songs. Tap to either play a song from the list or to make a purchase on iTunes.

Apple Music Siri Shortcuts

Sharing is Caring

Music is meant to be shared, and that’s where the following Shortcuts come in. Use them to motivate others to listen to the songs you love the most or have just discovered.

  • Share Most Played Songs creates a picture of the songs you’ve played the most. You can share the image using the share sheet on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Copy Apple Music Link makes it simple to create a link to the current song for others to enjoy.
  • Share My Week in Music allows you to share a grid of album artwork from the songs you’ve been listening to during the past seven days. Once the grid gets created, you can share through Twitter, Facebook, Messages, and more.

Share My Apple Music

The Ultimate Shortcut

If you’re looking for something extra special, consider the MusicBot Siri Shortcut by MacStories. The Shortcut, which includes over 780 commands (!), is an Apple assistant on steroids. When tapped, MusicBots takes the guesswork out of navigating Apple Music’s sometimes confusing interface. By doing so, you can get to the songs and albums you want to listen to much quicker. The best part about MusicBot? It’s free.


Apple Music offers 60 million songs and counting. It’s currently the largest music streaming service in the United States and second in the world after Spotify. Use any of the Shortcuts above to make your listening experience better than ever and enjoy!

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